Top 6 baby health care products to use this winter

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

These six must-have essentials are winter-perfect health products to keep your child’s skin silky soft and moisturized

Winters are here. And, so winter-proof your baby’s skin with our list of recommended health care products. Because we know that as a parent, it is a challenging task to take care of your little one during the colder months. Apart from keeping the baby warm, it is the baby’s skincare and health that also require utmost care. The baby’s skin is super delicate and sensitive. The dry winter air can play havoc. On top of that the warm air from heaters and blowers further rob moisturize from the skin. So your little munchkin’s skin requires more attention and care.Baby health care 01

TCT brings you a few pointers to keep your tiny tot’s skin soft and shiny and also how to keep your baby warm:

A warm oil massage:

You have already been giving your baby a massage. But during winters it becomes a must. A warm oil massage with the right oil goes a long way to keep the skin moisturized as well as in keeping the body warm. Usually, olive oil and mustard oil are a good choice during winters. You can even go for a combination of oil with good moisturizing properties.Baby health care 02

While giving a bath:

You don’t need to bathe your baby every day during the colder months. You can keep it alternate with body sponging in between. Give a short and sweet hot water bath with the right skincare products. A sponge bath will help in cleaning up thoroughly. Protect from any gushes of cold wind inside the bathroom.Baby health care 03

Try some aromatherapy:

The unique fragrances in aromatherapy products can offer deep natural protection to the baby. As they are made from flower extracts, buy the one with minimum 1-2% concentration.Baby health care 04

Protection from dry lips and cheeks:

Lips and cheeks tend to become chapped and dry more than other body parts. As the babies are licking, dripping and drooling most of the time, the lips get dry quicker than other parts of the face. The cheeks become dry and red because of exposure. Use a natural lip balm or petroleum jelly.Baby health care 05

Protection from frostbites, eczema and heat rashes:

These are some major problems during the winter months that can cause severe stress and discomfort to your little one. To prevent frostbites, keep the baby warm and covered properly. For eczema, sufficient and frequent moisturizing is the key. To avoid heat rashes, do not overdress the baby. Choose breathable fabrics and dress the child in layers.

Here is a list of must-have essentials for your baby’s skin to stay silky soft and moisturized this winter:

1. Baby Massage oil: Apart from the generally available olive and mustard oil, trying out a combination of oil is a good idea to soothe and massage your baby’s dry skin.

TCT recommends: Baby Sebamed Soothing Massage Oil

2. Baby bath soap/body wash: Bathing your baby in plain water can actually rob the little ones skin off the moisture. It doesn’t remove all the dirt and germs that accumulate under the layers of winter clothing.

TCT recommends: Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Bath Wash

3. Baby sponge: It is a good idea to have a bath sponge in your baby’s bathing paraphernalia. A sponge bath will help in removing all the layers of dirt under the skin folds and sensitive areas of the skin without causing any rashes.

TCT recommends: Mothercare Extra Soft Baby Sponge

4. Moisturizer: Using a good moisturizer post bath will help restore the lost moistness in your baby’s skin. Massage gently with a cream based moisturizer if you feel the skin is towards the dry side.

TCT recommends: Johnson’s Baby Milk Cream with Vitamin E

5. Baby Powder:

A good baby powder will help in keeping diaper rashes at bay. It can be used under the neck, underarms and folds to soak in extra moisture from the moisturizer.

TCT recommends: Himalaya Herbal Baby Powder

6. For Dry Lips: A natural lip balm made of bee wax or petroleum jelly should be good enough for this purpose.

TCT recommends: Sebamed Baby Lip Balm









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  • November 17, 2018 at 12:03 am

    Great tips, all my little have sensitive skin – like myself, and some have eczema. It’s always a real challenge trying to find the right cream that will soothe their sensitive skin. Great post!


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