6 Telltale signs of skin problems in babies

The onset of summer season can cause terrible skin problems in babies! Here are the signs to catch them early!

Summer is probably one of the favorite seasons for my baby and me. We don’t need to layer up. Our skin gets to actually breathe. But it wasn’t this way right from the beginning.6 Telltale signs of skin problems in babies 01

My son is a May-born baby. Right from his birth, we were cautious about a lot of things, including the room-temperature to be maintained for a newborn. Just like any other parent, we followed the typical norm of maintaining 26-27 degrees inside the house. Little did we know that it was still hot and humid for our newborn! One day, his skin started showing signs of a sudden eruption of baby acne. All of 3 months old and we had to take him to the pediatrician for a checkup…

That’s when our baby’s doctor told us 6 important telltale signs of skin problems and ways to cure them. It is important to heed these signs, he said, as newborns are quite prone to skin problems and rashes. No wonder, because their skin is much thinner than ours and actually loses moisture up to five times faster than our skin! While he told us that many of these problems disappear on their own within a few days, some could take longer to heal. They could even be a result of a bacterial or yeast infection. Best to be very careful!

Signs of Common Skin Problems In Babies, Especially During Summer Months:

1. Baby Acne:

This is a very common skin problem in summer babies, usually triggering in the first few weeks of birth. Pimples develop on a baby’s cheeks and nose.

These tend to get worse before clearing up at around eight weeks. However, don’t panic if this condition arrives at a later stage also; for instance, my little one got it again at 2.5 years of age. For him, the problem aggravated during the change of season. Watch out for the early signs and keep your child’s skin clean and moisturized to avoid acne from recurring. Continue Reading..



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