A letter from a mother to a son on 4 valuable lessons to learn in life

Take a look at this brutally honest letter from a mother to her son. For her son, she has clearly stated 4 valuable lessons to learn in life

Dear Son,

It just occurred to me that time passes surprisingly quickly and in no time, you shall be 18. And, with that, the bond between you and me, a mother and child is going to take a new level. As you will grow old, day by day, I shall grow along with you. At this time, while you are still a tiny little thing, I can hold you tight, so tight that I often get scared of having pressed you so hard. I feel your bones against mine, your skin against mine. I feel a piece of myself in you, the entire you inside me. Holding you against myself often makes me imagine that you might mold and flow back into me. But, a few years from now, you will be old enough to debate with me over a pair of shoe or fight for a particular ice-cream flavor.Lessons to learn in life mother son 01You know that too shall be fine with me! I look forward to it all. But, I would want you to get certain things RIGHT. Capturing 4 important lessons of life that I would want you to understand and follow. So take your time and read this letter when you are ready.

Son, please make note of these mother sayings especially coming out from her heart:

1. Fall in love with a woman who is outspoken:

Here is a bit of a dating advice for you. Be in a relationship with a woman who is outspoken. Yes! You heard me right..It’s not bad to be tactful, but it’s definitely not good to be not outspoken. People around you at least know where you stand and that’s what I expect from your partner. The issues linked with being outspoken are often confused with rudeness, or believing that you are always right and becoming overly defensive. But, that’s fine. It is better to say it out loud than to play around with the minds of others. So, fall in love with an honest person. Honesty pays, but tact is for those who are insecure. I don’t want a self-doubting person for my son.

2. Chuck Male Chauvinism:

Just because you are a man doesn’t give you the license to beat another man or a woman. Don’t you ever hurt your partner physically or emotionally? You aren’t supposed to. I gave birth to a human, not an animal (and definitely not a male chauvinist pig)!

3. Be Gentle:

The key to a healthy relationship is to be kind and gentle. Stay in touch with your emotional side. As a son, I would have seen the wildest and perhaps the most annoying state of your’s. But, as you grow old, you will have to unlearn a lot of things. You will also have learn to stay calm as a man, as a husband, and as a father. You will have to work hard to achieve these traits. And the day you have got them all right, shall be the day you would have won the battle of life!Lessons to learn in life mother son 02

4. You Can’t Be Mine:

I had you inside me for 9 long months, I gave birth to you and taught you how to walk, talk and laugh, but that doesn’t mean that I own you. That also doesn’t mean that you will be expected to take my crap, or go out of the way to fight for me. I doubt if you are ever going to be anybody’s. You shall only be your’s. It’s best if you learn it sooner than you should.

So, dear son, I love you, and as you will grow old, I will grow old too. There will be times when I will imagine holding you tight, so tight that I would get scared of having pressed you so hard. I will also imagine feeling your bones against mine, but they would have grown way too strong against my fragile ones, your skin would have become way too firm against my wrinkled ones.. I will try to find a piece of myself in you, the entire you inside me maybe. Just that then you might not mold and flow back into me. I shall handle that too my son cause you gave me a meaning to live and die for.

Love you with all my heart,

Mom x



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