100 Modern Hindu Baby Boy names

Imagine if humans didn’t have names. What an utter chaos it would have been! Names define a person. Names define a persona or personality. When I say, “Neha,” you might think of that girl in your school back in the day. Her personality, the way she spoke or behaved, etc. When I say, “that girl in your graduation class who lost her glasses in the canteen,” would you even remember? All that I’m saying is that to name a child is a ceremonious event in a parent’s life. Children only realize it much later, when they start making friends and attending school. In our previous blog, we shared a list of baby boy names starting with Aa. In this particular blog, we thought to share a list of 100 modern Hindu baby boy names starting with A up until Z.

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Parents are looking for unique and trending names for children. They aren’t just looking at one website, but looking at multiple options!

Most of these modern names here are inspired by Sanskrit language, so they are unique yet very-Indian. Besides, Sanskrit is one of the most beautiful ancient languages, supposedly referred to as God’s language (Devabasha). Every name has a lovely meaning and a lyrical nuance to it.  We came across a plethora of fantastic names and brought to you the best (and the latest) ones.

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In case if the below list is not enough, you could check out our 300+ names for baby boy and baby girl (alphabets A to Z)

Modern Hindu Baby Boy NamesMeaningModern Hindu Baby Boy NamesMeaning
AadrikThe Sun rising between mountainsAahanDawn, Sunrise, First ray of Light
AakavForm or ShapeAakilIntelligent, Smart
AanavHumaneAbhikBeloved, Fearless
AineshSun’s gloryAnayWithout a Superior
AarnikBeing one of its kind or something uniqueAkshajA thunderbolt, Lord Vishnu
AmeyOne who is free from deceit and error, Lord GaneshAnvitAn individual who leads/guides others
ArujFirst rays of the SunAshvikOne who is blessed to be triumphant
AvaneeshLord or Master of the Earth/whole world. Lord GaneshAvyuktOne with a clear mind. Lord Krishna
BhadrakHandsome, brave, or goodBhasvanFull of Brightness
ChakshanGood lookingChakreshLord Vishnu
Charun One with beautiful eyesChitvanLook or Glance
DaiwikSacred, Divine, by the Grace of GodDeveshLord of the Lords, Lord Vishnu
DevyanServing the GodsDhrishnuTraditional name – Son of ‘Manu’
GalavBark of a Lotus treeGahanOne who has depth of thoughts
HanshitLike HoneyHanupSunlight
HanveshA soft mindHemilGold
HireshKing of gemsIbhanLord Ganesh
IhitPrize, honourIjayLord Vishnu
IshirAgni/Fire, Powerful, RefreshingJoshitPleased, Delighted
Ivaan Glorious and gracious gift of God, The SunKairavWhite Lotus, One who is born from water
KananForestKanavAn old yet wise sage
KavanWaterKiaanBy God’s Grace
KiyaanshIndividual blessed with good and noble qualitiesLavishGod of Love
LikhilGoddess SarasawatiLithvikBright
MahinThe EarthMahirExpert
MalharA popular Raga in the Indian classical music (Origin – Malhara)ManvikA kind-hearted individual, Intelligence
MehulRainMihirRays of the Sun
MitanshFriend, SweetNaitikGood-natured individual with great morals
NakshThe MoonNihalSuccessful, Handsome, Prosperous
NivanPious, SacredParthikPure and Innocent
PranshOne who is full of life, Lord VishnuReyanshFirst rays of light
RIjulInnocent, HonestRivaanA Star, An ambitious and self-sufficient individual.
SaakarManifestation of GodSukulNoble
SarvinVictory, one who is the best archerSayakaSword, Arrow
SharvilLord KrishnaShivinLord Shiva
ShravasPrestigeShriyuktFortunate or famous
ShlokHymns or mantras in praise of the Almighty GodSpandanSound of the heartbeat
SrianshHe who is born with a part of Lord VishnuSriyanLord Vishnu
SudyutShining beautifullyTaarushThe conqueror
TahaanMercifulTavishCourageous, Strong
TanayA Son UrijitPowerful and vigorous
UtkarshAwakening, prosperityUjeshConquering
VehantWisdom and intelligenceVihaanDawn or beginning of a new era
ViaanFull of life and energyVyanBreath or life giving
YaashvanWinnerYakshitAlmighty God or one who will never cease to exist

Fabulous names, isn’t it?

You can find at least one unique name from each alphabet here. Out of all the wonderful names put across, one of them is sure to be perfect for your little boy.

So go ahead and choose a name that is rich in meaning and has a rhythmic quality attached to it. Make the search of a cute baby name for your little prince more fun.

by Lavanya P

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