Best Clothing Fabric Options For Women During and Post-pregnancy

The best period for any woman to rejoice is that of pregnancy. This is the period that matters a lot to her and brings forth her utter beauty. During one’s maternity time, a woman tends to wear loose and really comfy outfits. It has also been medically prescribed. A pregnant woman should always focus on the fabric and overall fitting of the outfit. During and post-pregnancy, intense care should be taken of the skin, and especially for a nursing mom, the fabric she wears should be comfortable for the baby.

From the wide range of Indian outfits available, be it online designer sarees or salwar suits or even Indo-western garments, one must try and shop for something which amps up the style and comfy-quotient. The outfit should also be skin-friendly.


Here comes a complete list of best ethnic wear and fabric options for a to-be-mom. Check out some latest designer dresses which are also high on the comfort-quotient!

Most comfortable fabric options during and post-pregnancy

1. Khadi kurtis

Khadi kurtis are the best when it comes to spending bucks on the skin and eco-friendly, elegant maternity wear. These are the most opted and favorite ethnic wear for pregnant Indian women who are looking to make the eclectic moment more delightful. Pair the kurti with trouser pants that have a drawcord to make it belly fit.


2. Cotton sarees

Need not mention but still mentioning here that the greatest of all fabrics, is the soothing cotton! This versatile cloth can be worn in winters as well as in summers. Be it a cotton online saree or some designer casual shirt, this awesome fabric will ensure 24X7 skin protection while keeping harmful bacteria at bay.


3. Chiffon sarees

Chiffon comes under the fluttery category and no one will blame you if you wish to repeat the fabric day after day. For a summer festive season, go for a chiffon saree with its lightweight embroidery on borders and avoid anything with heavy embellishments. Soothing coral or pastel color will look amazingly serene during the blissful, beautiful pregnancy phase


4. Indo-Western kaftans

Indo-western kaftans have injected such a craze among stylish women. This outfit idea has been accepted and adored across all the phases of a woman’s life. Be it their wedding trousseau or across the entire maternity period, they prefer to wear these loosely held kaftan numbers. A little sheer is fine but kaftan doesn’t look alright in completely transparent fabrics. Natural prints and block prints are popular and can be clubbed with lycra leggings.


5. Pashmina sarees and other accessories:

Now, let’s come to some luxe shopping. Packed with craftsmanship and comfort quotient. We are talking about rich and extremely Indian- Pashmina fabric. Bespoke, exuberant, stylish, and screams Kashmir out loud. Women love to wear Pashmina sarees, shawls, designer salwar suits, and much more as their winter essential. Pashminas are known to keep you super warm without affecting the body temperature and the fabric is so soft that it can be folded and placed inside a matchbox as well. Magical, isn’t it?


So are you all excited for your maternity wear shopping? Do share your feedback and let us know if you wish to know more on styling/fabric and outfit options during pregnancy.

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