Kids style guide for Navratri dressing

by Manali Desai

Expert 04Take a look at 10 super cute dressing ideas for little boys and girls to celebrate Navratri in style <3

When you think of festivals in India, the first thought that comes to anyone’s minds is clothes and then the food! Dressing up, being pompous, showing off are some things we Indians love during any festival. Navratri is no different. It is not just a time to celebrate and of joy but it is also believed to be a way to attain everlasting happiness, peace, and anandam (bliss) through self-discipline, self-control, and sacrifice. It is nine days of living in Mother Goddess consciousness and experiencing her grace and love. During this time, people celebrate by performing different types of pujas and ceremonies.Kids Navratri dressing 01

Also, most Hindus observe fasting; eating only fruits, vegetables and dairy products, perform specific sadhana, prayers, practice celibacy, and visit temples. Does this not seem a perfect time for some cultural and religious teaching to the little ones? And why not dress them up in the Navratri traditional dress when doing so? Trust me, they will look so adorable, you’ll either want to keep them that way forever or dress them in a Navratri dress everyday.

Navratri dressing is something some of us look forward to all year round. The bright and colorful Navratri traditional dress makes anyone look good! Then imagine what it would do to your child. Confused on what to make them wear and how to do it though? Today, we decode traditional fashion styling tips for kids. So stop worrying about how to dress up for Navratri.

1. Dressing up little girls: 

Irrespective of her age, every girl is a fashion enthusiast. Not just that, but I’ve seen most little girls going crazy over the prospect of dressing up during festivals. So, ladies this is the right time they can have the privilege of fulfilling their fantasies.

  • The dress: Usually, the traditional outfit for girls usually comes in a three piece set: a flair colorful skirt, a blouse with embroidery or handwork and a bandhani dupatta shining with sequins, shells, mirrors etc. Over and above this, there are endless other varieties available in the market these days. Go explore them with her. I can guarantee she will love it. Oh ! and don’t forget to pin the dupatta safely and make sure the pin doesn’t open up and hurt or fasten it properly so as the dupatta doesn’t fall apart.
  • Jewellery: Opt for lightweight jewels like the necklaces made from thread, light earrings or bindis in place of earrings. You can finish the look by a choice of matching/contrasting bangles/bracelets and waistbands.
  • MakeupIt is wise to use no to minimum makeup. Please make sure to use a good brand that is less chemical formulated so as to minimize the risk of side effects and allergies.
  • Footwear: You can decorate a pair of ballerina shoes with traditional motifs or mojris can work well too.

2. Dressing up little boys: 

Generally, men wear a two piece set of Kediya Dhoti accompanied with a turban/cap on the head. But, we can go really creative with out little boys. Here are a few options in traditional outfit ideas for Navratri.

  • Dress: Choose a light weight dress for him too. You can either opt for ‘kediyu’ or traditional sleeveless jacket and dhoti or a kafni pajama for little boys. Buy the one that can be comfortably worn. You can  even make them wear a traditional cap,  to complete the look.
  • Jewellery: For little boys, you can buy oxidized metal ornaments: a neck piece, an ankle kada and push earrings that won’t require piercings. Alternatively, you will also find thread crafted accessories for boys. These options are super light and comfortable too.
  • Footwear: Buy them cute mojris that are nowadays available in all sizes.

3. Other accessories for boys and girls: 

We can find varieties of accessories to team up with traditional outfits to compliment them.

  • Traditional umbrella
  • Traditional potlis, purses or slings
  • Traditional armlets, waistlets
  • For little girls, mehndi clad hands

Kids Navratri dressing 12We just need to make sure to limit our purchases based on reading what will be easy-peasy for our little ones to adorn. The idea is to celebrate the festivities. Just remember, that we aren’t competing with other moms and their kids! Hope you have been able to identify the right kids outfit ideas. Celebrate and stay blessed..



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  • September 20, 2016 at 11:15 am

    These are some of the best ideas to dress up the lil one. No one fashion for grown-ups are truly now into fashion for kids. They are so adorable.

  • July 28, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    I need a navaratri special dress for my daughter of 9 yrs , cotton based Gujarati work in yellow or orange


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