Top 10 fabulous gifts for this Children’s Day

by Suditsha Sanyal

Expert 04This Children’s Day, let’s celebrate the occasion by giving your little ones a pleasant and frugal surprise. Take a look at our 10 ideal gifting options

Walking down the memory lane, I distinctly recall how eagerly as a child I used to wait for the month of November. It meant fun, no term exams, book fairs in my quaint little hometown and Children’s Day. Gifts for Childrens Day 01

14th November- the birthday of our first Prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, also fondly known as Chacha Nehru, is celebrated as Children’s Day in India. He was very fond of children and was the one who emphasized on children’s welfare. So every year, 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day or Bal Divas in his honor.

I vividly remember the Children’s Day fair in our school, which used to be organized by our teachers. There used to be food stalls, fancy dress competition, singing and dance programs by teachers, fun and games counter and much more. 

For all the new age parents out there, Children’s Day is around the corner so let’s make it big and turn this day into a special celebration for our kids so that they can enjoy and cherish these moments forever. Here are top 10 gifting ideas for this Children’s Day which will make your as well as your kid’s day memorable.

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates

Yes, you heard me correct. We often rebuke our kid for having chocolates. Let’s be a little bit lenient this time. It’s time for us to surprise them. So surprise them sweetly by gifting them a box of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. A box full of chocolates will definitely bring smile and happiness in their face. And that’s what we want, isn’t it?Gifts for Childrens Day 02

2. Fancy dress costume: 

This reminds of Christmas! Exactly, but with a little bit of twist. Rent a costume that of your child’s favorite cartoon or superhero character and surprise them by gifting them a small toy or goodies. Alternatively, you can also arrange for a small theme party for kids at our residence. Invite their friends, decorate your house with goodies and balloons, arrange for some refreshments, music, and games and let them have a gala time.

3. Breakfast treat in bed: 

Don’t wake them up in the usual and routine manner. Do it in a different way. Pamper them, make their favorite breakfast. Decorate the breakfast tray with their favorite food, chocolate shake, beautifully wrap the brownies and put Children’s Day sticker on it. Gift a small toy, memento or goodie. Pour all your motherly love into it. And serve the hot, yummilicious breakfast on bed. Treat them well. Give them loads and lots of hugs and kisses. They are special so make them feel special.Gifts for Childrens Day 03

4. Movie treat: 

It is just the right time and occasion, to fulfill the promise of movie treat that you made to your child, which might have been pending for a long time. Give him a movie treat on this children’s day. But in case you are not that lucky enough or that movie is no longer being screened. Then don’t worry, there is a simple home remedy. Make some colorful handmade movie tickets along with beautiful invitation cards. Tell your child to distribute the movie tickets and the invitation cards among his/ her friends. Invite them to your residence for the movie treat. Turn it into a movie hall. Arrange for a big screen if you can, and if you can’t that won’t be a problem either. Play the movie and just have some homemade popcorn, some snacks, and cold drinks ready for the kids and let them enjoy the matinee at home. 

5. Handmade card: 

Just a sweet, simple gesture like a handmade card with little love notes in a mason jar tied up with ribbon and an art scratch notepad can make the children’s day very special. The little love notes with a letter of encouragement and praise can fill your child’s day with joy and exuberance.Gifts for Childrens Day 04

6. Organize a small adventure trip: 

A small getaway can be quite relaxing and refreshing both for parents as well as for the child. Activities like hiking, trekking, bonfire and walking into the wilderness can be really exciting and adventurous. Quality time spent is worth thousands of gifts that you give your child. 

7. DIY brownies: 

Let your child indulge and engage in making and baking brownies and cookies with you or on their own. Allow them to be your helping hand in the kitchen. This enhances the parent-child bonding and can be great fun.Gifts for Childrens Day 05

8. Cadbury Dairy Milk Treasure Box: 

Don’t know what to gift your child this children’s day or didn’t have enough time or help to arrange for a party. Don’t worry here is the simplest gift which can work wonders. Just buy a beautiful card, lovely bouquet and an unbeatable Cadbury Dairy Milk Treasure Box which a selection of most popular Cadbury bars. And see the happiness on their face. 

9. Food treat:

Take your child for an outing, go to an amusement park and then take them to their favorite restaurant. Give them a food treat. Enjoy a happy family meal and have fun.

10. Treasure chest:

This can be really innovative, creative and exciting gift. Buy a treasure chest and fill it with small items like a new toy, a color book with colors, some beautiful scratch books, toy trumpets and much more. Wrap it beautifully with ribbons and gift it to your child. 




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