Rakhi Gift Ideas Online – 7 Cute DIY gift ideas for Rakhi

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Expert 04Here are some of the cutest, unique and DIY gift ideas for Rakhi! Tell us which one are you going to try making this festive season?

They may fight like they would probably kill each other and yet, it fills your heart with pride to see two siblings also be protective and possessive of each other when the situation so demands.DIY Gift ideas 01

Nothing expresses love like a handmade gift. But if you cannot make one yourself, here’s help. Check out some really cool personalized and handmade Raksha Bandhan gifts…It is not just about saving out on precious pocket money, but letting your sibling know how much you care. For if a brother or sister is special, nothing but an especially made and customized gift will do. What’s more, sometimes, you can reuse a lot of material at home to make these simple and personalized DIY Rakhi gifts.DIY Gift Ideas 02

1. Customized shoes:

For the sibling that is outdoorsy, a pair of hand painted shoes is such a wonderful idea! And there is no rocket science to this. Simply buy a pair of white (ideally) or solid-colored canvas shoes. Draw a design using a pencil. Fill in acrylic paints that have been mixed with a little fixing medium – so that the paint lasts longer. If you like, you can have a matching pair for both siblings.

2. Homemade jewelry:

There is no such thing as more than enough beads and baubles for girls. Get your boy to thread a few colorful beads in a thin ribbon or thread to make a cute necklace or bracelet for his sister. Plus point – will also increase concentration and motor skills!

3. Handmade album:

How about getting the brother-sister moments intact in a beautiful and personalized handmade album? Collect and few pictures of them together and compile into a scrapbook. You can even jot down little messages for your sister your brother.

4. Lego storage box:

All little children need boxes to store their little treasures. You can help your kids make one for each other using a wooden box and leftover lego pieces. Paint a wooden box (that can be customized by your carpenter) a color of your choice. Glue the lego building plate on one side and let it dry. Fix the lego pieces (do not glue them on, because then you can change what you build). Voila!DIY Gift Ideas 09

5. Hand Painted block puzzle:

Blocks can never go wrong with toddlers. This combines learning in a fun way with the baby being busy for a while. Get a few wooden blocks polished and smoothened by your carpenter to remove any rough or sharp edges. Just be certain the blocks stay right together so it will fit like a puzzle. Paint a motif – a star or a balloon – or even numbers on one side. Remember to extend whatever shape you’re making onto more than one block so it will be easy to know how they fit together. After you’ve painted one side and let it try, turn the blocks over in a uniform direction and choose a different shape to paint on.

6, Stuffed toys:

Alright, kids may not be able to make these entirely on their own. So you will need to help. What is really good is that you can use a lot of waste and leftover clothes from home to make amazing animals and stuffed toys. Do you have a missing glove? Use the lonely one and turn it into a friendly little rabbit stuffed toy. Or use various lonely socks to make a stuffed snake. Squirrel from old gloves, teddies fro old onesies – the possibilities here are endless!

7. Personalized piggy bank:

Teach your children to be thrifty with these piggy banks that are super easy to make. Give them a superhero theme for added interest.DIY Gift Ideas 17








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  • July 24, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    You got an amazing list with gifts ideas for Younger kids. My favorite one among the above is the Piggy Bank and Stuffed Toys.


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