5 Scary Halloween Crafts For Kids Using Toilet Paper Roll

Yes, it is that time of the year again, Halloween is here. What better way to get ready for this spooky celebration than making some interesting crafts. Have a look at these 5 scary Halloween crafts for kids using toilet paper roll. Your kids are going to have a lot of fun making these amazing Halloween crafts.

The scary season aka Halloween is around the corner and we have to admit it that we love it as much as our kids so. Excitement is building up for Halloween with all the fun costumes, scary decorations and not to forget the ritual custom gradually picking up in India- ‘trick or treat’. 

It is a great idea to involve your kids in some crafting plus decorating the house during this time. Now, you must be wondering what different can you do this year for making Halloween crafts? Our answer is to use toilet paper rolls to make some spooky Halloween crafts. You won’t believe us but this leftover cardboard tube can be transformed into some amazing Halloween decor ideas.

5 Scary Halloween crafts for kids using toilet paper roll:

1. Black cat craft

This one is an easy Halloween craft that is not that spooky but has that spirit of Halloween. You would need some toilet paper rolls, black chart paper, glue, a pair of scissors, and a golden ribbon to make this one. It’s a great craft if you have a toddler.

Halloween Crafts for Kids 01

2. Bat craft

Your kids are going to love this Halloween craft. It will add that extra edge to your Halloween decor. All you would need are some toilet paper rolls, white paint, black chart paper, scissors, and glue to make this spooky Halloween craft.

Halloween Crafts for Kids 02

3. Ladybug craft

We just love this ladybug Halloween craft because it is super easy to make. We are sure your kids are going to have a blast making this one. Toilet paper rolls, black and red chart paper, glue, and a pair of scissors would be needed to make this wonderful Halloween craft.

Halloween Crafts for Kids 03

4. Haunted house Halloween craft

This Halloween craft looks really spooky and would add that much-needed zing to your Halloween decor. Though it would take a lot of time to make this one the result would be worth it. You would need black chart paper, toilet paper rolls, white paint, green paint, glue, and scissors to make this one.

Halloween Crafts for Kids 04

5. Halloween witchcraft

Yet another great Halloween craft that can be made in just no time. Apart from toilet paper rolls, you would need some chart papers, wool, glue, and a pair of scissors to make this one. This scary Halloween craft is surely going to get everyone’s attention at your Halloween party.

Halloween Crafts for Kids 05

Now that you know about 5 scary Halloween crafts for kids using toilet paper roll, go ahead start making them right away. We are sure your Halloween party decor will look even better with these spooky Halloween crafts. After going through this post, you would agree with us that a toilet paper roll is a booo-tiful thing (read beautiful).

by Urvashi Newar

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