Help Kids Learn Video Editing with 5 Awesome Video Editors

Video editing apps encourage kids to indulge in creative endeavors such as creating storyboards and writing narratives. These days technological innovation has become so popular that tablets or phones have reached the hands of kids who have become smarter with their usage. 

Video Editor - A girl working on a creative project

Today, by using digital gadgets, kids make many creative advances and collaborate on various creative and artistic projects. As one of the most interactive mediums, videos are exciting to catch a child’s curious young mind. With the growing popularity of social media, children are taking more and more to their video content versions.

Awesome video editors that your child can easily understand and utilize:

1. Animotica – Video Editor and Movie Maker

This software is extremely easy to use and functions as a video editor, movie maker, and a slideshow video maker. The software is compatible with Windows 10 based PCs and consists of all high-quality editing software tools and features. 


Its features include video trimming, splitting, as well as combining with various images, audio tracks, and voiceovers.  The software allows users to scale, rotate, and adjust color schemes and many other noteworthy features. 

Kids can create excellent videos and share these videos of personal moments with the world. They can also use the software to ensure that their ideas stand-out on social media. The sharing facility is restricted to YouTube and Instagram and covers many other social networking websites, making it a great choice.

2. Magisto – Magical Video Editor

From kids birthday parties to frequent memorable trips to the park, if you want to capture memories in the form of videos, Magisto is the best solution. It allows users to easily create videos of families and friends with personalized messages and multimedia.

Video Editor - Magisto

It is a smart web-based video editor that can convert daily videos and images into inspiring video-based stories. This online video editor is the fastest and the best to create and share amazing video-based content.

The best part is that these videos, along with the effects and music tracks, are created in a matter of a few minutes only. Magisto- Video Editor and Maker is fun and easy enough to enable users to edit their images and video files safely and automatically. 

With the software, you can easily use photos and videos of family and friends to create awesome videos. The software can convert existing multimedia files into beautifully edited videos.

3. InVideo

It is one of the most prolific video editors that can quickly and easily combine text, images, and videos to create beautiful videos. The app functions are very similar to the web site since students can select multimedia files from their iPhone and share their creations with their peers and teachers. 

Video Editor - Movavi

Kids on this platform can easily learn to organize their music, photos, and video clips to create engaging videos. Children can also learn to create video slideshows with the multimedia files for creative story-telling.

The application offers more than 50 different videos and a built-in music library with hundreds of songs. The app also supports features such as sharing on popular social media platforms.

With its subtle layout and smart features, users can easily create impressive videos with Animoto’s slideshow maker. All a user has to do is add his clips and choose the right audio and texts to produce interactive digital projects. The features don’t require a proper understanding of video editing or designing skills. allows you to create video slideshows quickly with personalized messages and photos and add festive audio tracks to make fun videos.

4. Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video editor is considered optimum for creating quick videos for the web or sharing with close family and friends. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that can be easily learned by anyone. This makes it perfect for casual users and beginners. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a teacher; this software can easily satisfy your video editing objectives.

With this software, you can easily edit videos and photos. Not just this, but it can also be utilized for creating your personal video projects, converting media files, and a lot more. If you are searching for software that can be used by schools and institutions, then a variant of this software – Movavi Academic can be used. That is because it allows you to create videos regardless of the type or nature of use.

It allows you to use pan and zoom functions, record your screen, add callouts, highlight keyboard and mouse actions, captions, and arrows. Most children who want to create awesome school projects with speech bubbles, funny stickers, and in-built content, change backgrounds of videos, can use this software. 

If you are looking for a video editing software that boasts of recording and editing tools for your family trips and school projects, then Movavi is precisely what you need.

5. FilmoraGo – Video and Movie Editor

This is one of the best applications that can be easily enjoyed and used by your child. Children easily love this powerful video editing application because of its simple yet powerful features. Filmora allows users to add various layers of videos and audios and effects to your project compared to other video editing software.

Video Editor - Filmora

It is one of the best video editing software and is easily compatible with Mac and Windows PC. The software features can be easily used and are aimed at professionals and families alike. 

It is considered perfect for a range of fundamental uses ranging from creating or editing videos for YouTube to creating some exquisite family vacation moments. This software can be used to edit camera footage for creating viral videos on popular social media sites.

It is considered perfect for beginners because of its easy-to-use and interactive professional features that make it valuable for novices and professionals alike.

Finally, the software you choose will depend on your interests and skills, but this tool right here ensures that it provides a fun learning curve for you and your team. It should be easy and yet interactive enough to offer a good picture of the video world. To have a great learning experience the above-mentioned software will be a great help to try out and step into the video making world.

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