Less Violence, Less Crime – Is It Coronavirus Effects?

If not for COVID-19 lockdown, we would have been in our own world of aspirations, achievements, disappointments, and frustrations. We would not have realized the value of life and the importance of survival which we have taken for granted until now. The bubble has broken and we have to pick up the threads to weave our life and live with a basic minimum. Coronavirus effects are immense and I can feel them this very minute!

Coronavirus Effects - COVID-19 positive impact

The Coronavirus effects have taught us some great life lessons:

1. Social distancing

Only recently I have realized that social distancing has its own advantages. There is no wastage of time in gossiping, backbiting and show off. Unnecessary spending on entertaining guests has been cut down. With the Coronavirus effects, people have started spending more time with their own family which helps improve their interpersonal relationships.

Coronavirus Effects - Family time

2. Importance of home

The millennial couples and kids until now had such a busy lifestyle that they did not have time for their own family members. Everyone was in their own loop of friends, colleagues, socializing, partying, travel, school, tuitions, etc. With the Coronavirus effects, we are now confined to the home, we are able to share our feelings and thoughts to our family who matters most.

3. Importance of domestic work

Until now, we were so dependent on domestic help. Now is the time to realise the importance of being self-reliant. Now I wash the vessels, sweep, swap with the wet cloth, put the clothes in the washing machine and then dry. In between, I find time to cook and feed my family. My family has also pitched in and share a few of the chores like cutting vegetables, drying wet clothes and dusting. Doing chores is helping to strengthen family bonding.

Coronavirus Effects - Managing house chores

4. Less pollution

The positive Coronavirus effects are that there are fewer vehicles on the road, there is less pollution of air and also sound. There is no honking of vehicles, loudspeakers blaring music, etc. and we are getting to know the true meaning of silence. Actually, now actually I am able to listen to the sounds of nature in the form of birds twittering and branches of the trees swaying in the wind. 

Coronavirus Effects - Less pollution

5. Less crime rate in India

With the lockdown, there is less incidence of crime, protests, rapes, violence, accidents, etc. People are more focussed on survival rather than criminal and anti-national activities. In fact, never ever imagined that a virus can be the reason for less crime rate in India.

6. Become more spiritual

We are confined to the home, not able to visit temples, mosques, churches or other religious places. We are now out of the rituals and are able to focus more on our spiritual growth. And we realize that God is omnipresent. We realize the importance of meditation which can make us stronger in these difficult times. 

Coronavirus Effects - Meditation

7. Time for physical workout and hobbies

Now there is no excuse. We have enough time to pay attention to our physical well-being. Staying all day at home, we need to exercise our bodies. This can be done by doing some physical exercises and yoga within the confines of our home. Also engaging in our long-forgotten hobbies like reading, needlework, drawing, and painting, etc will make the time fly away.

Coronavirus Effects - Exercise

8. Time to change our priorities

Until now we were running after money and social status. But now we realize that being healthy and alive matters more than anything else. Money, property, jewelry, beauty, status, etc doesn’t matter anymore. Helping people in need is more important than anything else. Recently my husband’s school what’s app group has come together to feed the poor and the needy. During such challenging times, instead of succumbing to fear and frustration related to Coronavirus effects, focussing on the positive activities, attitude and courage will help us sail through the difficult times.

by C. Radhika

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3 thoughts on “Less Violence, Less Crime – Is It Coronavirus Effects?”

  1. Yes, you have pointed out some harsh realities of life that most of us have forgotten so far, but COVID-19 effects have reminded us and brought us on track.