Easy Paper Crafts For Kids – How To Make Paper Flowers

In our last post, My Art For Life taught us how to use alphabets to make easy drawings, such as a boy or lion cartoons. This time around, we have collaborated yet again to share easy paper crafts for kids who are looking for some fun and creative time during CODIV-19 lockdown.

These easy paper crafts for kids are made using nothing but the old stack or pile of newspapers or magazines, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. And you are all set to make a lovely floral arrangement. This craft will take not more than 10 minutes per flower (with leaves).

Do share your feedback in comments and send us pictures of your own flowers to win a free online story-telling session by My Art For Life!

From lavender paper flowers to roses, dandelions, sometimes paper flowers are better than real ones because they last longer and do not need maintenance. They don’t wither out or need water for nourishment. They are also great decorations. Their colors are more solid and brighter so people are sure to notice them. You could also use more solid colored craft paper to for a bouquet of bright flowers. So, bring spring into your home.

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