Meal Plan Ideas For Kids – Mind-blowing Meal Plan Ideas For Active Kids

There’s no better way to prepare your child before a physical activity than giving him or her proper nutrition. Growing kids who are into sports need to eat proper food for their lifestyle or else they won’t be able to function properly for long. Kids, no matter how energetic they may be, will struggle to get better at what they do if they eat mostly junk food.

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For children to be able to perform well in sports, remember to give them food rich in these components: carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, and, of course, vitamins. Swimming practice demands a lot of energy so make sure that he or she eats food with enough carbohydrates. By giving him or her small portions of food every day instead of the usual 3 square meals, your kid will be able to replenish his or her energy quicker. Plain yogurt and bread are perfect snacks that your active kid can munch on. Both food items are rich on carbohydrates but are quite low on fat.

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Two hours before practice, kids should also have glucose intake apart from carbohydrates. Glucose will help them stay alert while swimming. Don’t feed them sweets like candies and chocolates since these are extremely high in sugar, making them experience a sugar crash after a few hours. Instead, for them to have just enough glucose in their system, feed them fruits and vegetables before practice.Meal plan ideas for active kids 03

After practice, their muscles would need repairing. You can help their body recover faster after doing sports if you feed them pasta or rice. Rice can make people sleepy because of the starch so make sure to feed them this only after practice. You can find a variety of healthy meals by visiting this site’s “Recipes” section.

It’s nice to see kids who are active and into sports. It’s nice to be able to see them do what they want, and free to pursue their dreams. In countries that are always troubled by war, like in parts of the Middle East, parents don’t even have the option to feed their kids 3 square meals a day, and would always need to rely on child-focused charities just to be able to give them daily sustenance. Parents in countries that enjoy freedom should do whatever they can to support their kid’s well-being as they grow up.

Do you have a diet plan of your own that you give your kids who are into sports? What kind of food items do you give them to make sure they stay healthy and active? Share them with us in the comments section!

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  1. Very happy to see that someone has been so thoughtful about active kids. It is often thought that active kids need diet only high on proteins or carbs. This post breaks that myth.