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Playing with engaging toys for boys and girls is not just fun, but it also develops problem-solving skills, essential motor & cognitive skills. All-in-all, a crucial part of growing up, to be honest. As a parent, I believe good-quality toys have the magic to unlock a child’s creativity and imagination. But, scientists believe toys do more than just that. Researchers claim a new toy turns a child into a scientist. They are testing ideas, observing reactions, and exploring the new product. Needless to say, they are a crucial child development tool. These toys in turn help build character and personality traits and this is where Toycra becomes relevant. What’s more? We have Toycra discount code for The Champa Tree readers.

Toycra – India’s favorite toys:

The pandemic saw parents struggle to find the gainful engagement of children indoors. This threw open the doors for parents to search kids’ toys online. On the internet, the options for children’s toys online are vast and endless. However, Toycra, one of India’s leading online toy sellers, helps you narrow them down. The company curates quality educational toys & games that are both developmental & super fun for children of all ages. Toycra discount code of 10% on the purchase of products above 1000 INR means you can purchase a whole lot of quality toys that focus on the ‘Play To Grow’ concept.

Toycra Discount 10
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Here are 10 brands you can avail Toycra discount code on while shopping for children’s toys online:

1. Fat brain toys

Looking for safe, skill-based sensory kids toys online? The Fat Brain Toy range on Toycra will have multiple brain boosters for children of all ages. Primarily created for infants and toddlers, these toys are fun and active enrichments for children and help greatly for early learning

2. Magna tiles

Magna tiles by Toycra. Avail 10% discount with Toycra Discount Code (only for TCT readers)

The global bestseller is best suited for children above 2.5 years. The Toycra Magna Tiles brings together creativity and enrichment to toys for boys and girls. Made using high-quality ABS Plastic that is child-safe, quality-tested, and durable, Magna Tiles are life-long toys to be cherished. These are the ORIGINAL ones from Valtech USA, and pioneers in design & safety.

3. MindwareGames

Noted for their brain-tickling games across all ages. Mindware Toys & Games are aimed at the lifelong learning, growth, and development of children. Their range of logic and puzzle games engages a child’s brain completely, and are a brilliant family time addition.

Toycra Toys Discount Code

4. Crayola

With Toycra discount India boasts of the largest collection of Crayola kid’s toys online. The 115 year-old-brand offers a range of colors, sparkles, and markers for children to enjoy growing up. One of the most interesting of them all is the touch-light tablet for toddlers.

Toys from Toycra

5. Jarmelo

Tired of crayons on walls and looking for a productive creative outlet for your toddler? Jarmelo on Toycra has your back. The brand offers a range of painting kits, washable colors, and markers for children to paint to their heart’s content, safely

6. Battat

Battat has been a household name for over 50 years and for good reasons. Their range of high-quality, children-friendly toys makes for colorful additions to your toddler’s toy basket. Battat toys are crafted to be handled by young hands. These play toys make for a complete fun time and can be found on Toycra India.  

7. Lego

It is one of the most dependable names when it comes to toys for boys and girls. Lego helps children develop creativity through critical and constructive thinking Toycra offers a vast range of Lego for you to choose from for both your child and your family. 

8. Viga

Toys for girls and boys crafted from safe, quality-tested wood, Viga stands for high-quality skill-based toys. Their toys help develop children’s sound sensory and motor skills, as they spend time with sound blocks, match boards, and others they grow while playing.

Viga Toycra on discount

9. Blue orange

One of the leading names for social indoor games for kids, Blue Orange offers a range of puzzles, board, and quest games. These are for children across age groups. The toys for both boys and girls help build dexterity, memory, math, logic, and cooperation. 

10. Step2

Looking for toys that you and your children will cherish well past their childhood? Step2 is the best option on Toycra Online. The American brand’s range of high-quality pre-school and toddler toys enriches children physically and mentally.

Activity or brain-based toys hold a developmental edge when it comes to playtime. They help your child to flex their creative muscles. As adults, we need to be more mindful of the toys we get as gifts for children. It can change their playtime experience and accelerate their growth. When searching for kids’ toys online, Toycra can help you buy and gift better toys to children for them to cherish forever.

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