“5 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting A Coaching Centre,” Suggests Aakash Institute

Even before the 10th board results are announced; students and parents start scrutinizing the available coaching institutes in their area. From taking a look at Aakash coaching review or any other operational institute, they do it all. When it comes to securing good grades and competing with thousands of students, only a well-facilitated coaching institute can help a student reach close to the dream of becoming an engineer or a doctor.

Those two years of preparation can easily make or break a student’s career. That is why parents take no chances, and ensure that they get their child enrolled in one of the best coaching institutes operating in their area. However, there are many aspects that they overlook while selecting. Here we have listed the five common mistakes that parents make while picking a coaching institute for their child.

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5 Mistakes to avoid when selecting a coaching institute:

1. Not checking the previous track record

One of the most important research to do before you get your child enrolled in a coaching institute is to check the track record. Inquire about the number of toppers they have produced in the previous years, what has been the highest-scoring percentage and how many students ranked in the top 100. These things are important to inquire if your child is planning to prepare for competitive examinations like NEET or IIT-JEE. Also, don’t forget to collect concrete reviews from trusted sources like career magazines or a friend or relative whose ward may have cleared the examination in the past. Don’t just decide only by reading the reviews and contacting the help desk of any coaching center.

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2. Not inquiring about the qualifications of the faculty members

The credentials and qualifications of the faculty members teaching in coaching are as important as the previous track record. The members of the faculty should have the edge over teaching. The teaching methodologies should be easy to understand for students of every level. The faculty should be smart and educated enough to transform non-thinkers into intense-thinkers. Before you pay the fee, ask for the list of faculty members and research well about each of them. Also, if the coaching institute has faculties who have cracked any of the competitive examinations earlier would be a plus.

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3. Not taking clarity on the refund policy and fee structure

It’s your hard-earned money; you may be in a situation of shock if you don’t enquire about the fee structure and refund policy well in advance. Coaching institutions have mushroomed all over the country, and their policies vary significantly from each other. So, make a point of enquiring about everything. Ask the officials whether they want you to pay the full amount in advance or installments? What if your child wants to opt-out in between the course? Whether you get any discount or not? You need to ask every question that pops into your mind.

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4. Not reviewing the study material and the structure

All available coaching institutes are constantly boasting about their success rate and faculty, but two other things that play a significant role in deciding the future of your child are study material and course structure. Make sure you go through everything well (the study material should be up to date and easy to understand) and make your child have a look at it as well and go about with your decision. Inquire about the study structure by asking the institute how it plans to cover the syllabus, how many mock tests would be conducted, and the number of classes per week.

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5. Not keeping in mind the travel time

Keep in mind the distance and travel time when deciding the coaching center. Your child will end up wasting time commuting (that can be utilized for studying) if the institute you chose is far away from your home. If there are no coaching institutes in your vicinity, make sure the one you choose has good connectivity.

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Make sure you consider the points mentioned above while scrutinizing the coaching center in your city. The right decision would deliver the desired result.

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