This new year – personalization takes over regular gifting!

Take a look at the adorable video by Baby Dove that will get you all warm and fuzzy on the inside!

This new year, I made a little promise to myself. The deal is that 2016 was a lot more complex for this mommy of a pre-schooler. Therefore, I just decided to ease off a lot of pressure by un-complicating my life. One thing that I desperately wanted to work on was simplifying the art of gifting. The year 2016 went by selecting and packing gifts for my little one’s friends. Thinking of what to gift my pregnant friends. “Should it be a blue or a pink gift?”.. “Will his friend play with a set of flashcards? I lost my mind a million times thinking of the presents to give. The question which kept popping in my head the entire year was what gift to give..personalisation-takes-over-regular-gifting-01

So, one thing I decided to change for the sake of sanity – to put an end to this struggle. The struggle to get the perfect gift for our friends and my little one’s friends. The fact is, no one has everything, and there are never enough options available when choosing a gift which is perfect for all occasions or is budget friendly or has a wide variety of choices. Therefore, personalization is quite an effective part of a high-quality gift. Personalization goes a long way in giving surprises. Personalization is also high on sentiments.

So, for mommies across age groups, new moms, old moms, here is a wonderful hack for you. Do remember that personalized gifts can be an ideal alternative and one of the best choices when it comes to gifting, especially your near and dear, and little ones.

While we know that there are no perfect moms, we still want to give our babies the best of everything. From booties, to bibs to diapers, tiffins to onesies, we personalize almost everything in our baby’s life, so then why not their own personal skincare products?

Take a look at this awesome video by Baby Dove and you will know what I mean.

These Baby Dove ‘must-haves’ are definitely adding to the amazingness of motherhood.

Here is a shout out to mommies who are expecting this month, or have already delivered their little bundle of joy or celebrating their little one’s birthday this month. Do add the customized pack of the Baby Dove lotion to your checklist or Birthday wish list. Especially with the ongoing winters where the harsh weather conditions can damage your baby’s delicate skin.

A special note to all the mommies who shared the names of your babies with us!

We are soon going to announce the winners of the Baby Dove contest and a few lucky mommies are going to receive this customized New Year surprise by Baby Dove! 

With these new personalized packs, Baby Dove promises to continue being a special partner to moms every step of the way, so they can get on with motherhood their way and be confident of giving only the best to their little ones.

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