3 Hacks To Learn Math Fast And Easy By Cuemath

Truth and beauty merge to form what is called knowledge and awareness. One need not know everything, but certain topics can take us a long way. Learning math, for instance, isn’t about becoming a scholar and finding a great job. Math facilitates an all-around development of the child (the heart as well as the head and the hands). I’d say, it’s one such subject which helps children to know who they are. It develops self-reliance, self-confidence, and attitudes of selfless service. Read on to know 3 hacks to learn math fast and easy.

Math can turn your child into a successful adult. Here’s how:

“Math is the only place where truth and beauty mean the same thing”

1. Path to Success

By practising math on a daily basis, a child shows signs of being more attentive and develops logical thinking and social skills. It is believed that math at an early age came out as the strongest predictor to measure a child’s success later in life for reasons such as sharp critical thinking and practising it in our daily lives can help us grow.

You can expect a mathematical equation to have a predictable outcome, and precise steps must be followed in order to attain that result. The discipline of mind that children develop in math class can carry over into everyday life.

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2. Prepares them to handle an agile working environment

It’s surprising to know that early math learning not only helps a child to develop self-confidence but by applying concepts early on, a child is able to analyze and assess a situation. These skills are extremely critical and best suited for a world that is ready for Artificial intelligence (AI).

Learn Math fast and easy- 3 Hacks:

1. Practice, Practice & Stay Determined:

Maths is the only subject that can be solved by practising as much as possible. Also, a child needs to be determined to unsolve a problem. To practice with full determination is the formula to successfully decoding math

2. Made a mistake? Realize it:

Stuck! Realized you made a mistake? Rectify immediately. Remember where you faltered, Isn’t that what we do in life? That’s how math prepares you for your life! The errors and mistakes should not be repeated

3. Did you get the question right?

Most times the child hasn’t understood the problem or the concept. Lack of concentration amplifies the problem. When stuck, take a breather and read the question carefully. Think about the concept and apply all our concentration. The first 20 seconds are the deal-breaker, really. 

Cuemath: 3 Hacks To Learn Math Fast And Easy - TCT

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Math is pretty easy-peasy if a child has been trained to understand the above-mentioned hacks. At one such place, children not only learn these math-learning hacks but also enjoy it very very much. Cuemath has redefined math learning.  Cuemath has carefully designed the math learning programs for all age groups to ensure your child gets an overall math development to succeed in school and beyond.

What’s Cuemath?

1. A math learning platform for Kindergarten to 10th grade

2. Their objective is o ensure math is treated as a valuable life skill

3. The presence of experts make learning easy

4. With a batch size of 1:6 (teacher to student ratio) ensures children get 5x more attention than in school

5. The focus is on conceptual learning through visualizations and practice

6. Teachers are trained and certified to cue the student to the right answer and never tell. Because it is important that children develop their own mental models and reasoning skills. this also helps them remember better

7. Children get their doubts cleared instantly by math experts

8. The curriculum has been designed by experts from IIT and Cambridge University

There are 2 available courses:

1. Kindergarten to 6th grade: Offline classes with certified Cuemath teachers at centres across India

2. 7 to 10th grade: Online classes with certified Cuemath teachers. The main difference is the delivery system (online). the methodology remains the same

Cuemath: 3 Hacks To Learn Math Fast And Easy - TCT

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