Best Baby Sleeping Bed Set That Puts Your Baby Fast Asleep!

From the very first day when parents get the good news of the coming of their baby, they start preparing until the joyous day of their newborn’s arrival. Parenting is a beautiful journey that comes with happiness and a little bit of anxiety. When we say anxiety it is positive, especially for the first-time-parents. As it comes naturally, parents go out of their way to do everything possible for the welfare and safety of their offspring. Be it, by reading informative books to seeking advice they gain all knowledge regarding the care and upbringing of their precious baby. For a baby to grow into a healthy being, many factors like mother’s milk, nutritional food, a hygienic environment, and exercise are important. However, one of the most important factors that play a vital role in the healthy development of an infant is ‘sleep’ and the proper baby sleeping bed set. 

Best Baby Sleeping Bed Set - Baby sleeping on it

Scientifically it has been proven that sleep contributes an enormous amount to the physical and mental development of the baby. Undisturbed sleep enhances learning ability and prevents mood disorders.

Never-ending range of baby sleeping bed set:

Folks! If you are confused and want to narrow down your choices to one of the best baby sleeping bed sets. Here are some products to give you an insight.

1. R for Rabbit Baby Snuggy Bed – Priced at INR 999/-

A perfect newborn baby sleeping bed, that gives the infant a womb-like feeling and helps the baby to sleep securely. The boat shape structure and high borders with a zip cover secure the baby inside the bed. Your baby is nicely snuggled in the bed as if your arms are wrapped around them. This bed is so light in weight that you can carry your sleeping child in it wherever you go. Pretty colours of blue, green, and pink with adorable prints makes these portable beds even more attractive.

R for Rabbit Pink Baby Snuggy Bed - Easy to carry

2. R for Rabbit Snuggy Safari Bedding – Priced at INR 1296/-

Having a sound sleep is necessary for your baby but having a safe sleep too is important. Parents are always worried about their little ones being bit by mosquitoes or other insects. Therefore, when your child sleeps, you constantly keep an eye out for these creatures. That is why this baby crib bedding is apt for unharmed sleep. This bed comes with netting, which protects your infant from mosquitoes and other insects. As the name says safari, this baby bed set has a cute animal print with background colour options of blue, and green, yellow, and pink. It is easy to fold and convenient to carry when traveling.

R for Rabbit Baby Snuggy Safari Bed

3. R for Rabbit Baby Nest Lite – Portable & Cozy Baby Bed – Priced at INR 1399/-

When you are traveling with an infant, more than clothes, you have to pack a load of things for your baby. This also includes the baby sleeping bed set which takes up most of the luggage space. R for Rabbit understands the problems faced by parents and has come up with a rather innovative bed set that consumes minimum space. It has two small bolsters to secure your sleeping baby, and all of these are zipped into a very compact travel-friendly bag. Eye-catching colours like pink, blue, green, and grey are available with tiny prints that are so adorable that it would be hard for you to choose.

R for Rabbit Baby Nest Lite bedding set

4. R for Rabbit Snuggy Forest Baby Sleeping Bed Set – Priced at INR 949/-

If you are looking for soft and skin-friendly crib bedding, then R for Rabbit snuggly forest baby crib bedding is the best choice. The material used is 100% natural and pure cotton and does not harm your infant’s delicate skin. The newborn sleeping bed and 1-year-old baby bed set have fluffy bedding for that cozy sleep, a small pillow designed to hold the baby’s tender head stably, and little bolsters to secure the sides. Pretty colour options with wild animal-themed prints make it irresistible for you not to buy this bed set.

R for Rabbit Snuggy Forest Baby Sleeping Bed Set


R for Rabbit, being a renowned brand has multiple awards to its kitty. The brand houses the finest and most comfortable baby sleeping bed sets that are created to assist your baby (and you) get a good and sound sleep. 

All the bed sets have been manufactured using 100% natural cotton that is safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Even the baby cradle bed and baby wooden bed are carpentered in a way keeping all the safety points in mind. There is an uncountable range of baby sleeping bed sets and a variety of designs from which you could choose.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry!

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