20 Cute baby announcements while you are pregnant

Check out 20 pregnancy announcements and get inspired by these amazingly cute birth announcement ideas right away!

All you expecting parents out there! We have got some fab news for you. The Champa Tree has handpicked 20 cute baby announcements while you are pregnant. Now, add some fun, quirk, creativity and humor in the way to announce pregnancy with our cute birth announcement ideas. The pregnancy announcement also means first time getting the bun in the oven to be photographed! However, what is really important during pregnancy is to know when exactly would you and your partner be ready to share this wonderful news with the world. The 3 main questions that are often running through your mind are:Cute baby announcements 01

1. When is the right time for the birth announcement?

2. Who should share the pregnancy news with others?

3. How should you do it?

So, we decided to ask a lot of expecting as well as new parents about this. Here is what  most of them said:

One needs to be good at keeping their pregnancy under wraps. Some of them chose to only tell their respective families (parents) when they were 100% sure that the first sign of pregnancy was confirmed through the pregnancy test they took at home. This was followed by sharing the news with close friends and other family members at the onset of second trimester of pregnancy. Typically, by week 14, things become evident. You see, pregnancy facts can’t be hidden for long 🙂  It becomes quite obvious that there’s a baby on board. So, the answer is that it’s safe to make a pregnancy or baby announcement (while you are pregnant) anytime after week 12. If you have your 12-week scan in the bag then it’s the right time (when there is less risk of miscarriage)!Cute baby announcements 02

This exciting news should be shared by both the parents. Giving the news to your husband or finding out together can be equally wonderful. However, when sharing the news of your first pregnancy, second/ third/ fourth baby or letting the world know that you are carrying twins, it’s best to inform your parents first and that too in person. If they aren’t in the same town, then a video chat or a phone call could be just as fine. And in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, you can go all out. The expecting couples should get-together for a fun photo-session and enjoy themselves while getting clicked. You can use social media platforms creatively to get the news out. Such cute announcements are best reserved for friends, near and dear ones. However, work is the one place where announcing creatively is probably not the way to go.Cute baby announcements 03

So, all you expecting mommas and papas, take a look at these best funny pictures, rather cute ways of breaking the news!

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