Are You Stressed Out Parents? 5 Signs That It Is Impacting Your Child

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you!” We are often found ourselves quoting this to stressed-out parents!

If you are still wondering, why was this quote introduced right at the beginning of the blog, read it again? One of the most difficult tasks in this world can very well be raising a human baby. All parents reading this would swear by this. If not very difficult, but it takes a whole lot of patience level with children.

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As first-time parents, couples often take a little more than usual time in adjusting to the developmental and new phases when the child is growing up. There are many times when parents have admitted to shouting on their children only to come back and give them a big squishy hug.

A regular and a demanding corporate job, and with only weekends left to themselves, a lot of parents are struggling to find that perfect balance in their lives. The child wants to spend time with them, but due to so many commitments, the amount of quality time gets drastically reduced. The flip side to this is the child getting cranky, which in turn adds to the stress level of parents. If you are also one of these parents, it is important to identify certain symptoms that you might need to check onto.

It is very important to identify your pain-point, the reason for all the stress, because it starts with a very tiny minuscule activity, but can become something very massive over the period of time. One does not even realize that he/she is under stress until the body starts showing some dangerous symptoms.

Parenting is no easy fete, and it can surely stress out even the calmest set of people in this world. Thus, it is necessary to identify these set of actions which you might be doing occasionally or even daily.

5 Signs that you are stressed out parents and it is impacting your parenting skills:

1. Your child isn’t going to learn it right if you are yelling

You heard it right. Even though shouting and reprimanding our kids is a staple part of parenting, but if it is something which you are doing too often, then maybe it is time to keep a check. We all know, children demand time and patience is the key in most situations. Thus, it is important to understand that shouting and yelling is not how your child will learn things.

2. Your child will never understand the meaning of Words ‘Plan and Prioritize’ If you are always in a Hurry

We get that being on time is one of the top priorities as parents to preschoolers, but identifying the difference is the key. Being on time is completely different from doing things in a hurried or a hush-hush manner. Things do get a bit relaxed and messed up at the same time, post-baby. Planning and prioritizing is the key here. Advance planning goes a long way in saving those precious five minutes in the morning when everyone is in a perpetual hurry!

3. Not listening to your child means your child will never get into the habit of understanding the power of ‘listening’

Parenting can very well be called a two-way process in which the scales are weighed down at one end. This one end is your child’s perspective. There will be nine out of ten cases where your child wouldn’t listen to you, but you still must maintain calm. Listening to your child, understand his/her psyche- that’s the key to parenting being done right. This enables us to gauge the current situation they are in and analyze it better. So next time if you are shouting at your little one, try recalling, the last time you did the same. Easy tracking habit. Right?

4. Child’s level of interaction sees a dip if there is lack of involvement from a parent

All of us know, how a child’s behavior can take a complete 360-degree turn if the involvement from the family is just not enough. Their interaction can drastically reduce in class and might even alter their basic nature. Try to spend as much time and in every possible way you can. For example, if you decide to go grocery shopping, taking your child along is nothing short a great idea on how you can spend your evenings. That is because fancy dinners do not work always!

5. Positive vibes for your child’s betterment, therefore, avoid being burnt-out

Agree, in the end, the entire onus is on us as to how we take things and respond to them. But as parents and more as a mother, it is important to realize that it takes a village to raise a child. It is true that if we want, we can do each and everything without anyone’s assistance, but then remember all this will lead you a burnout kind of a situation. Thus, in order to avoid this, it is extremely crucial to delegate responsibilities and ask for help as and when needed.

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