Simple steps to teach science experiments to your kids at home

Now science experiments for kids can be so much fun and easy to learn too! ZLife Education brings to you their amazing YouTube channel packed with fun science experiments that can be done at home

Do your kids feel that science is boring? How about giving them something to be excited about? Create your own fun science lab at home and show kids how interesting and entertaining it can be. Not sure how to do this? You may not be a scientist or a teacher, but with the help of ZLife Education, everyone can become an at-home science expert.Simple steps to teach kids 02

ZLife Education runs a YouTube channel which provides videos of fun science experiments that parents and children can do together at home. This unique initiative has been started with the aim of removing the resistance against science that can get developed in a strict school environment and to show kids how much fun it can really be.

The videos showcase multiple, varied and exciting science experiments for kids such as how to make an egg bounce, how to create your own lava lamp or even how to make milk change color! Each video is a step by step breakdown of the experiment and is followed by a set of questions at the end to tickle the mind and educate kids on the various theories of science.

Interested? Curious? Read on further to find out more about these exciting experiments:

1. Homemade Lava Lamp

Lava lamps have always been a fun and fascinating thing to have in the house. The unusual movement and the fuzziness in the liquid can be quite entertaining for curious minds. Did you ever think that it could easily be replicated at home for practically no cost, with the ingredients already available in your kitchen? ZLife Education, through its video, explains how you can make your own funky lava lamp using just water, food color, oil, and a little tablet.

2. Color Density Tower

Have you ever seen different liquids floating one over the other without mixing with each other? That’s exactly what you can try to do with a color density tower. Using different colors for each liquid you can clearly see they layers that form a tower due to the varying densities of the liquids. Your kids are sure to have fun dropping different objects in and watching them float at various heights.

3. Bouncing Eggs

Yes, you read that right. Eggs can bounce! All you need is water, a few eggs, and some vinegar to soak them in overnight. Watch the video to know just how you can use something as fragile as an egg and make it an entertaining toy that bounces like a little rubber ball.

4. Growing And Shrinking Eggs

Based on what you do with the bouncing eggs, you can apply similar principles to actually grow or shrink eggs and watch them change size right before your eyes. The wonders of science are amazing aren’t they?

5. Geometric Soap Bubbles

We all loved playing with soap bubbles as children; your kids must be having a ball with them too. And now with ZLife Education you can show your children some amazing tricks with soap bubbles. Combine geometry and science and help your kids blow bubbles in different shapes like triangles or squares. It is sure to make geometry more fun by putting it in 3D.

6. Water Drinking Candles

Science truly is magical. And your kids will believe it too when you show them this experiment. Placing a candle in water and covering it with a glass jar can actually make it appear like the candle is drinking up the water and making it rise! This fun little experiment can keep young and enthusiastic minds engaged for hours.

7. Color Changing Milk

Some very exciting and unusual things can happen when you add a little food color and dishwashing liquid to a bowl of milk. It’s almost like a liquid canvas and your kid will be the artist. Take a look at ZLife Education’s video and watch your child’s eyes light up in wonder and amazement as the colors change before his very eyes.

With ZLife Education’s videos, your kids will fall in love with science and will always be excited to experiment. Besides, these informative and educational sessions can actually become interesting games for them to try at home, more like they are in for unique DIY indoor activities to keep themselves busy with.

With short and simple video demonstrations that act as guides, kids and parents can enjoy them together. ZLife Education is not only making studying easy, it is also making it fun! Get new science experiments for your kids in your inbox every week. How? Subscribe (by clicking here) to Science with ZLife Education on Youtube Channel!

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  1. I can so relate to these experiments. Brings me back to old school days. Memories refreshed.