How to be the person you want your child to be

by Heena Mahajan

It is easy to build a child than to repair an adult. The choice is yours. Let’s find out ways to be the person you want your child to be

Parents are the first guiding light for the child. They are the beacon of hope that life is something to look forward to. They will learn what they see and hear. With parents, they take the first steps of learning in their life and thereafter inculcating in their life. There is so much to learn that with every moment we are changing. Change is the only constant and something to embrace. We are changing our way of living in the hope of making it better by every moment.  Be the person you want your child to be 01

When I was still a child of about age 7 or 8, I remember the things that my parents used to engage me in the household chores every day with them. Be it cooking, household chores, going to the market to buy groceries, letting me pick the little items that I would need for the coming month, gardening, and even taking care of the house for few hours of the day.

1. Move at your own pace:

I did not do everything perfect in the start, rather took my time. Perfection was not the criteria. My parents trusted me enough to give me adequate time and space. I felt responsible for the work they gave me and things that I did for myself in a way that I have to get things done right because my parents have trusted me on this and more importantly, whatever I am doing is close to me and affects my life. And, so it became my habit to do things at my own pace and right. It made me who I am today – a better person.Be the person you want your child to be 02

2. It’s okay to make mistakes:

Learning never stops. And, the quest to become a better person is never-ending.  It is a continuous process of making our lives better and to build a better future for yourself and your child together. You, yourself learn new things with your child. So, the whole idea is to help them lead their life themselves not you leading them. Let them make mistakes. Mistakes make people learn. Be their guiding force behind.

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As Benjamin Spock said, “A child who has not been bandaged has not been well parented.”

3. You are your child’s role-model:

Believe it or not, the child is constantly watching you and following your footsteps.  Perfection is not the idea but modeling is a powerful teacher. Experience teaches its lessons.Be the person you want your child to be 03

4. Be good, do good:

In a nut shell, prepare them for their future – let them be their own life’s master. Be the person that you would want your child to be – teach them to be a good person and that can only be achieved if you practice the same. The key is to be confident about your ideas and how you lead your life. Little things matter – how you talk, how you react, how you behave with others, how you treat your friends and family and so on.

There is no denying to the fact that your child needs you but all the more, he needs you to be his guiding light. Parenting is the reflection of you and your child will reflect what you are and accordingly decide who he/she will become. Choose wisely.

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