This is how mommy war starts

by Udita Saklani

Expert 04We are living in the age of digital boom and with the many advantages, it also comes with its own set of cons, one being the onset of mommy wars!

You might be wondering as to what is the relation between digital era and mom wars. There is definitely a relation and that is what exactly we will be explaining in this blog post. With the advent of ever growing social networking platform, we are equipped with various social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat amongst others.This is how mommy war starts 01

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Today’s mothers, also known as the New-Age Moms happen to be social media savvy. While many of us mommies swear by these modern apps, all because they help us when we are breastfeeding our kids or when the little ones are sleeping, they often become the cause of MOMMY WARS as well.

It is very common these days to have mothers who blog about their respective journeys of pregnancy and parenting. For some had to quit their jobs because of difficult pregnancy, while a few others want to continue their legacy of writing and penning down each moment while others love making memoirs. There can be several reasons.

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Despite the fact that the internet is flooded with advice and tips on parenting, each mommy prefers to have her own blog to express her personal opinions. May be because everyone is unique, motherhood itself is a unique concept 😉 (to be honest). You might never get a solution to your never ending morning sickness by looking up at those generic internet searches, but might find a something substantial on it on a fellow mom’s blog! And, it is true.This is how mommy war starts 02

That is because there is no fixed rule of pregnancy or even parenting. Each mother has her own style and mantra of handling situations. Some of us have even made great friends out of these virtual connections by sharing burp tips, infant meal recipes; baby led weaning, anger-management, yoga and meditation tips, among other many little conversations and connections that we set up.

Mommy Influencer- Hullabaloo:

On the other side, with the sudden spurt of parenting as a new found career, and with brands looking out for influencers – most moms have taken up to blogging as a serious career option. With easy and cheap options of self-hosting websites, we see more mothers today than we have ever seen before.This is how mommy war starts 03

With me or against me?:

So, what really is happening on the social media front is that a mother once posts her ideas; there comes a group of people who wake up standing against or supporting the different approach to that mother’s idea(s). And, this is in relation to how they behave outside or are generally in public when it comes to putting across a point. Some read it and then try making good use of it while some choose to ignore. The rest might take it a negative sense too.

Breastfeeding Versus Formula Milk:

It all comes across as preaching or even if it doesn’t then, that is how may be the people want to perceive it. For example, let us say that ‘Stay-at-Home’ mother wrote an article on why she chose to be one. On social media, it might be taken in an offensive way by the working mother. A breastfeeding mom might be locking horns with a mom who gives formula milk to her baby. In this so-called ‘MOMMY WAR’, moms generally tend to forget that each person is different and so are their experiences.

Take it or leave it:

Never to forget that collecting memories is a very special act. Some mothers are in the habit of documenting each day of their lives in the form of blog posts or pictures on social media. There is absolutely no harm in that. In fact, the knowledge or any tip you share might echo or resonate with a stream of thoughts of a fellow mom, which might amp up your credibility in this ‘MOMMY BLOG’ world. But that doesn’t mean that what suited one mom might suit other as well. In fact, it might not act in the other mom’s favor at all. That is where as a mom one needs to understand that even though she is sharing tips, advice, and suggestions on social media, they might or might not get accepted by the larger community. And it is perfectly alright if it did not find any accord with fellow moms.

Social media has taken moms also by the storm. As moms, we are always in our bid to upload the best pictures because we are starving for acceptance (read likes, comments, etc.). It’s like we are always trying to present ourselves in the best light online. It is also the fear of rejection from fellow moms which adds on to this behavior. And by-the-way bashing on social media is a very easy-thing-to-do. If your mommy thoughts are non-fictitious, you are up for some special rewards 😀 (yes, you heard me right, by rewards-I mean thrashing). So just like celebrities are always in the line of fire of media and journalists; moms who blog also sometimes don’t forget to bash each other.

Even as women – we fail to recognize each other’s daily struggles and moments of joy!Parenting is a journey and like everything, there is a first time in it as well. Just a like child falls and learns from his mistakes, same is the case with parenting.

We all learn from our mistakes. As moms and as women we should be supporting each other in this lovely journey called motherhood!

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11 thoughts on “This is how mommy war starts”

  1. That’s so true.. Mommy wars are definitely going on and with so much knowledge spread everywhere its a boon but also carries its set of issues.

    1. Thanks so much for such wonderful words. Made our day. It’s a team effort and we are trying our best to leverage that 🙂 Hope you have an awesome day ahead!

  2. I think it is positive that moms are coming out on to the social platform and sharing their views. It presents a very wide variety of experiences that exist. Some of these one may relate to and find comfort and solutions in. Others may not make sense at all. Such cases you should simply scroll by. The internet is a wide place and place exists for everyone to say what they want to. 🙂

  3. As a mother we should understand the problems and difficulties of every other mother. And help the new mommies in her new motherhood period. I really like your thoughts and views

  4. A very deep rooted view of new age Mommy Bloggers. The latest rage on social media is regarding breast feeding. I feel why is there a need to judge people on their parenting choices.