5 Great Mom And Baby Dates

It’s that time of the year where days get shorter and there is never enough time to finish a handful of tasks. For a stay-at-home-working-mom, life only gets tougher. But I try to keep a stringent check on the time being spent. Taking care of my boy, in between cooking meals, ensuring husband’s clothes are well done and properly arranged in the wardrobe, preparing a never-ending weekly grocery list and to top it all, a cleanliness freaky me who wants to be sure that the house is clean. Argh! Sounds like I am a maniac, no? But then who wants to sleep away such wonderful years of one’s life? I wanted some refreshing mom and baby dates with my boy.

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5 Great mom and baby dates to enjoy during winters: 

Before H happened, I had a full-time job and now I am a 24 hours slave;). Kudos to all the wonderful working mothers and moms like me who negotiate their precious ‘me-time’ to pursue a career for lets say our inner-gratification. But while all this is ongoing, I often ask mothers about how they spend quality time with their infants/toddlers? I usually get a very boring response- “we take kids to the nearby mall on winter weekends. An indoor activity such as this one keeps them warm and busy.” Now it is clearly such a sad thing to happen to us all. Taking our little one’s to a shopping arcade for how do you think they plan to enjoy this mechanical bustle? I mean, men and women herding around the glass panel which is shrieking out ‘SALE’ in their eyes and ears. How uncool!

So, TCT has got some super fun and interesting dates that mom and baby can go on at this time of the year.

1. A stroll around the block

Soak in some winter sun and enjoy your midday meal of fruits. Take a stroll around the block and have a sit-down time where both of you can enjoy a bowl full of fresh fruits. A bit of a lazy time together. If you remember, I have shared about my stroll in the park with son and husband.

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2. To a nearby bakery

Head to the nearby bakery for a visual treat that does flavored teas and coffees too. While mom can enjoy her cuppa with fresh croissant, the baby gets warm cuddles. 

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3. At a nearby resort

Night spend at a nearby resort. A well-deserved break for our super-busy, exhausted mom. Take a night off from cooking and check-in to a nearby resort. It will be a change for mum and baby. Just that mommas, don’t forget to book a spa for yourself while the baby has a play-date scheduled with his/her daddy dear.

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4. A garden visit

Visit a garden, particularly around the peak bloom time. Introduce your baby to a world full of beautiful colors and smells. Let them explore Mother Nature. Besides, it is so rejuvenating! 

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5. Fests and events

Attend winter fest/crafts bazaar/ any other creative events happening in your town. Take your baby along in a sling or stroller and get inspired, the two of you!

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Hope mom and baby spend great time having fun together! Stay warm the two of you.

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  1. The post is very sweet with lots of cute babies. There are so many things which we can do with our baby apart from the above mentioned facts. Such as taking our baby to the zoo or shopping etc.

    1. Absolutely Anusia! It is just so much fun to do things together and not stay stuck in the everyday routine of waking, feeding, attending to our LO’s needs..becomes such a mundane activity loop sort of a thing!