Thought For The Day – Children Are Great Imitators

Children learn from the world around them. Be it their parents or friends or anyone around, they tend to repeat what others do, thinking that being like others is the right thing to do. Yes, children are imitators. Hence we should be careful about what we see around so that they imitate what is right.

Thought for the day – Children are great imitators:

Thought for the day - Children are great imitators

Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

At different stages of their lives, children look up to different personalities. Sometimes, it would be their teachers, or friends who are popular, or relatives. But the greatest impact that occurs in a child’s life would be from their parents. Yes, they try to ape parents, because as we said before, inherently, children are imitators.

Hence it is our duty to give them something great to imitate, isn’t it? Before uttering a word in front of the child, think several times about the impact it could have on their psyche and future at large. We should be our ideal human beings. It doesn’t mean that we should make them perfect. But we ought to at least give them something that they can apply. A good gesture, maybe. Like helping someone in need. Or like having savings.

It is not reserved for how we talk and behave. It also applies to what they see around them. For instance, movies and cartoons. Make sure that your child is watching movies and cartoons that are appropriate for them. Unfortunately, we don’t have a strong censoring system when it comes to television. Hence, it is the parents’ duty to regulate what they watch and hear.

So, are you giving your child something great to imitate? If so, share it in the comments below. It could be helpful for other parents as well, we never know.

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