10 Simple tips to calm a fussy baby

by Ila Asthana

Expert 04If your baby is crying, check these home remedies to calm your fussy baby. Here are ten tips to calm him/her down

The first cry of the baby when it is just out of the womb is the most enthralling sensation of the world for a mother. The first and last time a mother can embrace the tears of her child. After this, every teardrop of her little one is a concern for a mother. An endless cry and fussy baby is an unceasing worry for a parent. The biggest challenge to tackle and calm a fussy baby in the formative years of parenthood.Calm a Fussy Baby 01

Trying to figure out the reason behind the discomfort of your little one could be tiring as well as overwhelming. If you are a new parent, you would certainly go through this every other day. Here are some of the awesome tips to calm your fussy baby.  Tried and tested – so I am sure it would be handy for you.

1. Snuggle Up:

A crying baby needs a mother’s warmth. Undress your baby and cover yourself and your child under a blanket and hold your little one closest to you. The joy of a warmth is the best comfort for a cry.Calm a Fussy Baby 02

2. Swing Your Baby:

Swing your baby. An unbroken swinging in a rhythmic and soothing pattern can ease your baby’s discomfort.Calm a Fussy Baby 03

Calm a Fussy Baby 043. Tummy Full:

Check if your baby is hungry and whether the stomach is empty. Feed your baby with some milk, water or any other food he or she eats. An empty tummy is an affirmative reason for a fussy baby.Calm a Fussy Baby 05

4. A Soothing Bath:

A warm and soothing bath in the lukewarm water can give relief to a fussy baby. A comforting bath, changed diapers and dress could make the baby feel better and fresh.Calm a Fussy Baby 06

5. Massage:

An enriching body massage is very comforting for a fussy baby. Most children find these strokes of fingers very uplifting.

6. A Peek to Outside World:

Take your child for a walk outside. The breath of fresh air can bring in lots of positivity in the child.

7. Play Music:

Music can do wonders even to a newborn. Play soothing music, switch off the lights and TV and slowly tap the baby. This would bring some sleep to the child. A good sleep may make your child healthy.

8. Rock Your Baby:

Take your baby in your arms and put him or her on your shoulder; move it back and forth. Rocking your baby can relax your child’s body.

9. Signs of Colic:

Sometimes children cry continuously because of colic symptoms. Try to give fluids which could ease the colic symptoms and relax your child.

10. Signs of Teething:

Teething is the most important and challenging phase, making your child fussy and cranky. Give them toys to play, which are healthy enough when chewing them.Calm a Fussy Baby 10

If your baby is crying, check these home remedies to calm your fussy baby.  As a parent, this would be a testing phase. You need to be strong and patient. Do not give up. This too shall pass.




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