Eating out guide – What do you need to check before going to a restaurant with your kid?

Here are 4 things as a parent one must check before going out to a restaurant to eat with their kids!

Before baby happened my favorite thing to do on weekends was to check out new restaurants in town.  We loved eating out! Fine dining on special occasions and visits to our regular ones on days we didn’t want to have home-cooked meals.eating-out-guide-going-to-a-restaurant-with-your-kid-01

And, then one day!

And, then one day I became nauseous. So nauseous that for the next 9 months eating out became a nightmare. How little did I know that the concept would soon become alien to our lives? Morning sickness didn’t quite let me relish my most beloved food. I wasn’t a mild case of nausea. So, you can imagine how the bouts of round-the-clock nausea and vomiting left me so exhausted and miserable that I enjoyed very little of my pregnancy.eating-out-guide-going-to-a-restaurant-with-your-kid-02

And once we had baby, the first two years became a nightmare..

Every time we made a booking at our regular restaurant, either we would end up reaching late or leave within 30 minutes of our check-in. So, one day I told myself that enough is enough. What followed soon after was a lot of reading on the internet, books written by expert moms and practically trying-out all those tips. I figured that the first SIX months of motherhood has its own issues when stepping out to a restaurant and the problems take another level at an infant and toddler stages.

So, it is completely possible to enjoy eating out when going out eating with kids. How?eating-out-guide-going-to-a-restaurant-with-your-kid-03

1. Table mannersFirst and foremost, please understand that while kids do not have the best table manners (say please and thank you, getting seated on a high chair, not throwing food around, etc.), but teaching them early on can ease a lot of pressure in the times to come. There are many ways in which you can reward your child for learning table manners and behaving throughout lessons. Also, every child is unique so there is no set standard approach. The idea is to keep trying new ones until you find something that sort of works. Continue Reading..

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