Thought for the day – Mother’s influence

We have talked ample about motherhood. But motherhood is that magic which never loses its relevance howsoever time we talk about it. Hence we are again with you all to tell you another magic of motherhood- mother’s influence. 

The Champa Tree’s thought for the day: Mother’s influence

Thought for the day - Mother influence

There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood. Influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation – James E. Fraust

Since their birth, kids spend the good part of their lives with their mother. She has a major role in moulding their character. A mother will be an angel in their lives while growing up. They imbibe the values instilled by their mother. But growing up the teenage tantrums start. Dealing with teenage tantrums would bethe toughest part for a mother. It is an emotionally draining stage for a mother. If you are  mother who has dealt with this stage, you would know better that your influence will be overpowered by peer group’s influence. But don’t lose heart. What you instilled in them will stay there forever.

Experience is the best teacher. The experience will teach them the gravity of your influence on them. All you need is patience and perseverance. Because nothing can overcome the influence you have in them. 

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