Thought For The Day – Thank God This Christmas!

Christmas time is a period of several transformations in everyone’s life. 25 days of lent, prayers, remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ, preparing for Newyear, and the resolutions. But the most emotional experience would the when we thank God on the thanksgiving day.

Thought for the day – Thank God this Christmas:

Thought for the day - Thank God this Christmas

“When we were children, we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?”- Gilbert K. Chestert

We, humans, are never content. Aren’t we? We ignore the pretty little happiness in our lives and complain about what we didn’t have or could have. This eventually makes us dissatisfied and unhappy. This Christmas, why don’t we make a change? Apparently, we celebrate Thanksgiving day with a sumptuous feast, spend time with family. Thanksgiving probably is the only time many families come together in a year.

We celebrate it without really knowing what it is all about. Well, maybe some of you may know. It was celebrated originally as a token of gratitude to the harvest that year. And hence the name. But of late we forget the purpose and the inherent message inside the custom. It is a chance of introspection. It is an opportunity to know your worth. Moreover, it is a chance to have a whole new perspective to your life.

So, this Christmas, thank God for everything you have and everything thet he made you capable of having.

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