Thought For The day – Kid’s Beliefs

‘Because I say so’ – We have heard this a lot from our parents when we have questioned why they asked us to do or say something. We ourselves might have said this to our kids as well. However, the statement has a detrimental effect on developing the kid’s belief in ourselves and in what they themselves do. We owe them an explanation. We ought to make it clear as to why we ask them to do or say it.

Thought for the day – Kid’s Beliefs:

Thought for the day - Kid's Belief

If you want your kids to value and practice your beliefs, the start by explaining the rationale behind them. That’s how they’ll follow. – Vaishali Sudan

If you really want your child to have the values and beliefs that you support, tell them the whys behind them. Don’t force your beliefs in them. Similarly, let them also share their perspectives on that matter. They might be able to give a different insight, we never know. Instead of  “because I say so”, you can say ” it is because I say so.” See the difference?

Child bullying cases are increasing these days. The real story of the victim Mustansir tells you that the picture is scarier than it seems on the periphery. Not everyone would be lucky enough to come out of the repercussions. He was able to come out due to the unrelenting support of his parents. If you want your child to be open to you about everything, you should gain his trust. Open communication is needed for that. If you try to impose your values without tellin them the rationale behind, your child fails to see how to apply them.

Talk to your kids. Gain their trust. Instill the beliefs and values in them once you tell them the rationale behind it. Try this with your child and share the outcome. Tell us if this made any difference.

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