Did You Know Facts – Newborn’s Hearing Power

For a newborn baby, everything is new. So is the new sounds. How does a baby respond to the new sounds? Did you know this strange fact about the newborn’s hearing power?

Did You Know Facts #4 –  Newborn’s hearing power

Amazing baby facts - Newborn's hearing power

Newborns can hear as well as you. They will startle at just about anything. Not because it is louder or softer, but because it is new. The smell is also advanced at this stage.

You might have seen your grandmother or any older ladies in your house banging dishes to check if your child hears properly. You would have been angry that the noise would make the child uncomfortable. Apparently, they are unknowingly stating the fact that the newborns can hear as good as you. This was their hearing test in the yesteryears before the technology advanced. Yes, it sounds a little primitive. Even bursting balloons are not safe for children’s ears, let alone bang the dishes. Next time someone talks loudly or makes high-frequency noises like these you can gently tell thins information from our Did You Know Facts. Share with us, your view on this. Did you already know this?

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Information source: Online Nurse Practitioner Schools

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