Did You Know Facts – New Babies

We have known several facts about new babies. How they show reflex, how they react, how they respond to their mother’s voice, and now we have yet another strange surprising fact.

Did You Know Facts #14 -NewBabiesDid You Know Facts - New Babies

New babies prefer looking at a drawing of a face rather than a random pattern, and they prefer smiling faces to grumpy ones.

Have you noticed this strange fact? Some babies cry if we make sad faces to them. We often find it funny and neglect it as a one-off incident. Apparently it is not. They recognize grumpy faces and happy ones. This is the reason why we keep colorful and cute toys on top of the baby’s crib. They see the bright colors. They see the cute little toys. Also, they recognize the patterns and textures. 

Now onwards, keep this in mind and be happy in front of them. Make them feel secured. Because a happy baby will be a happy child. A happy child will be a happy adult. 

Have you noticed any such differences in your child’s behaviour when you show happy and sad faces. Try this today and let us know your experience.

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