Baby Names By Nakshatra And Rasi – Personality Traits Based On The Astrology Signs


In Hindu astrology, the entire zodiac of 360 degrees consists of 27 Nakshatras or fixed stars. Each Nakshatra has a span of 13-200. Apart from this, there is a special Nakshatra named Abhijeet. The main source of information on Nakshatras is Vedas, Puranas, Mahabharat, and the classical book of astrology Jatak Brihat of Varahamihira. In Hindu astrology birth star is called “Janam Nakshatra” – This is the Nakshatra in which the moon is located at the time of birth. Read on to know your child’s personality without a childbirth horoscope based on 27 baby nakshatra. That’s not all! We have also compiled a list of baby names by nakshatra and rasi (horoscope).

Baby nakshatra - Planets

Gand Mool Nakshatra: Out of the 27 Janam Nakshatras, special importance has been given to those born in Ashlesha, Magha, Jyeshta, Moola, Revati, and Ashvini. As per Hindu astrology, these are Nakshatras of Mercury and Ketu, often considered as inauspicious both for baby boys and girls. These Janam Nakshatras are called Gand Mool Nakshatra

A lot of times, parents are curious to find out which Nakshatra is good for childbirth (good nakshatras for childbirth, so they can plan their babies accoirdngly) – this is sort of bizarre. Isn’t? According to astrologers, there are 4 most auspicious nakshatras for childbirth: Ashvini, Bharni, Pushya and, Magha nakshatras.

27 Baby nakshatra and personality traits:

1. Ashvini (Aries – 00 to 13-200) Lord Ketu:

The symbol of Ashvini is the horse’s head and its presiding deity is Ashvini Kumars. According to Vishamitra, the person born in baby nakshatra Ashvini will be fond of decoration, handsome, popular, skillful, and intelligent. Fond of good dress and will have happy relations with friends and relations. Profession- Medical, army.

2. Bharni (Aries – 13-200 to 26-400) Lord Venus:

Symbol: Yoni. Deity: Yama. The person born in this Janam Nakshatra will be determined, truthful, healthy, skilful, idealist, moralists. Often jealous type. Free from the disease. Intelligent, fond of pleasure. The etymological meaning of Bharni is “what deserves to be cultivated and preserved.” This rashi nakshatra is thought to be the best nakshatra to be born in.


3. Kritika (Aries 26-400 to 30.000, Taurus 00 to 10-000) Lord Sun  

Symbol: Razor. Deity: Agni. According to Vishamitra, the person born under Kritika is a voracious eater, attractive and renowned. Profession- Inventor, discoverer, excavators, military, police, fire.

4. Rohini (Taurus 10-000 to 23-200) Lord Moon

Symbol: Cart, Cattle. Deity: Brahma. The person born with Rohini as baby nakshatra is truthful, religious, and courteous. Profession- Art, agricultural, food industry, and fashion.

5. Mrigsira (Taurus – 23-200 to 30-000– Gemini 00 to 6-400) Lord Mars

Symbol: Deer head. The person is capricious, skillful, cowardly, a good speaker, wealthy. Profession- Textiles, gems, poets.

6. Ardra (Gemini – 6-400 to 20-000) Lord Rahu

Symbol: Teardrop, Deity: Rudra. The person born in Ardra is selfish, proud, ungrateful, cruel, and sinful. Profession- Politicians, atomic researchers, chemotherapists, chemical formulas.

7. Punarvasu (Gemini – 200 to 300 – Cancer 00 to 3-200) Lord Jupiter

Symbol: Bow. Deity: Aditi. The person born in this Janam Nakshatra will be a great philosopher, religious, innovator. Profession- Building contractors, scientists, architects, civil engineers. 

8. Pushya (Cancer 3-200 to 16-400) Lord Saturn 

Symbol: Milk yielding udder of a cow. Deity: Brihaspati. The person born in Pushya can be controlled over passion, learned, wealth, charity, and happiness. Profession- Political, agricultural. 

9. Ashlesha (Cancer 16-400 to 30-00) Lord Mercury 

Symbol: Coiled serpent. Deity: Nagas. According to Hindu astrology, the person born with baby Nakshatra Ashlesha will be sinful, ungrateful, a cheater, selfish. Such people would like to work in secret. Profession- Chemical engineers, druggist, businessman.

10. Magha (Leo 00 to 13-200) Lord Ketu – One of the best nakshatras for baby birth

Symbol: Royal throne room. Deity: Pitras. The person born in this Janam Nakshatra will be restless, enjoys life, has respect for elders, very enterprising. Profession-Heads of state, business, lawyers, historians.

11. Poorva Phalguni (Leo 13-200 to 26-400) Lord Venus 

Symbol: Bed. Deity: Bhaga. The person born in Baby Nakshatra will be liberal, handsome, fond of traveling. Profession-music, artist, actor.

12. Uttar Phalguni (Leo 26-400 to 10-000 Virgo) Lord Sun

Symbol: Hammock. Deity: Aryman. According to Hindu astrology, the person born in this Janam Nakshatra will be Uttar Phalguni – Means very popular, fun-loving, and happy. Profession – Social worker.

13. Hasta (Virgo 10-000 to 23-200) Lord Moon

Symbol: Close Hand. Deity: Sun. The person is enterprising, spiritual, intelligent, shameless, and cruel. Profession – Advisor, priest, comedian, astrologers.

14. Chitra (Virgo 23-20to Libra 6-400) Lord Mars

Symbol: Jewel. Deity: Vishwakarma. This person has enjoyed good looks, wears elegant clothes, has an impressive personality. Profession – Genius, invention, business, jewelry.

15. Swati (Libra 6-400 to 20-000) Lord Rahu

Symbol: Coral. Deity: Marut. The person born under this Baby Nakshatra has a sales-bend, very good with buying and selling type of profession, is kind-hearted and generous. Profession- Business, scholars, ascetics.

16. Vishakha (Libra 200 to Scorpio 3-200) Lord Jupiter

Symbol: Triumphal gateway. Deity: Agni. According to Hindu astrology, the person will be jealous, clever, wealthy, often quarrelsome. Profession- Literature, politics, conquerors.

17. Anuradha (Scorpio 3-200 to 16-400) Lord Saturn

Symbol: Lotus. Deity: Mitra. The person born in this Janam Nakshatra will be fond of making friends, the possibility of living in a foreign land, likes to travel. Profession- Leaders.

18. Jyeshta (Scorpio 16-400 to 30-00) Lord Mercury

Symbol: Earrings. Deity: Indra. The person is cheerful, charitable, a hypocrite, and secretive. Profession- Engineering.

19. Moola (Sagittarius 00 to 13-200) Lord Ketu

Symbol: Roots. Deity: Nirriti. The person born under Janam Nakshatra will be wealthy, proud, steady, and fun-loving. Profession- Skilled, medical.

20. Poorvashada (Sagittarius 13-200 to 26-400) Lord Venus

Symbol: Fan. Deity: Water God. According to Vishamitra, the person born under this Baby Nakshatra will be truthful, loves to travel, and very kind to his/her mother. Profession- Navy, fish trade, marine life.

21. Uttarashada (Sagittarius 26-400 to Capricorn 10-000) Lord Sun

Symbol: Tusk of an elephant. Deity: 10 Vishvadevas. According to Hindu astrology, the person born in this star is very strong-headed, powerful, popular, knowledgeable, and honest. Profession- Pioneer, military man, doctor.

22. Shravana (Capricorn 10-000 to 23-100) Lord Moon

Symbol: Ear, Arrow. Deity: Vishnu. This nakshatra repents knowledge and learning, is charitable, kind, and humanitarian. Profession- Religious teacher, traveler.

23. Dhanishta (Capricorn 23-200 to Aquarius 6-400) Lord Mars

Symbol: Drum. Deity: Vedic gods. According to Vishamitra the person born in Dhanishta will be fond of music, is brave, noble, and opinionated. Profession- Medicine, religious institutions. 

24. Satabhisha (Aquarius 6-400 to 20-000) Lord Rahu

Symbol: 100 Flowers. Deity: Varuna. The person is well learned, tactful, and harsh-tongued. Profession- Lawyers, popular in civil services/related to Govt.

Coming soon! Baby names as per Nakshatra ‘Janam’ (birth) and name numerology!

25. Poorva Bhadra (Aquarius 200 to Pisces 3-200) Lord Jupiter

Symbol: Sword. Deity: Ajaikapada. The person with this baby nakshatra will be anxious, nervous, serious, and fearful. Profession- Associated with services related to anti-social or destructive elements, such as demise, murderers, terrorists, e.g. detective, cop, priest.

26. Uttar Bhadra (Pisces 3-200 to 16-400) Lord Saturn 

Symbol: Back legs of the funeral cot. Deity: Ahirbudhnya. According to astrology, the person born in this Janam Nakshatra is an able speaker, virtuous, and talkative. Profession- Devotees who renounce the world have insight, Tantras.

27. Revati (Pisces 16-400 to 30-000) Lord Mercury 

Symbol: Fish. Deity: Pushvan. According to Vishamitra the person born in Ashvini will be a popular, heroic, and deep learner. Profession- Travellers.

Baby names by nakshatra and rasi – Nakshatra syllable chart:

The below table gives you the syllables to begin your baby’s name with, based on his or her birth star. These baby names by nakshatra and rasi are only the phonetic sounds of the actual syllables and not the exact spellings.

Baby Names by Nakshatra And Rasi - Nakshatra Syllable Chart
Nakshatra syllable chart

Written by Mohini Bhardwaj has a rich experience of around 16 years in this field with a Jyotish Acharya degree in Vedic Astrology from India’s premier institute, Bharti Vidya Bhavan. She is an Astrologer & Vastu Expert at Raghauv Astrology. Raghauv Astrology aims to serve & guide mankind with solutions to their issues through Vedic Astrology. 

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Now you know how to assess your child’s personality traits from the baby nakshatra. Do let us know if it is a match for your child.

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