25 Stylish Indian Mehndi Designs That Are Therapeutic

Indian Mehndi designs and the art of applying henna tattoo has been considered therapeutic. No wonder why most Indian brides wear mehndi as a pre-wedding ritual. To beat the stress, and to beautify their hands and toes, they apply lovely designs.

It is one of the most well-known botanicals on earth, yet it is also quite possibly the least underutilized for its many healing properties. 

It is interesting to note that henna or mehndi paste that is dark or black in color is mixed with chemicals. Such pastes should be avoided. They can cause allergic reactions for those who have sensitive skin.

One needs to be a bride to get her hands henna-ed. During special occasions, such as Raksha Bandhan, Teej, Diwali, and Eid, women opt for gorgeous, intricate, elaborate, or simple Indian mehndi designs. There are easy-to-do simple Indian mehndi designs that can be done at home.

Indian Mehndi Designs Collage

Wondering why are you reading about mehndi or henna at a time like this? Well! It’s because mehndi’s natural cooling effect during summer evokes a sense or desire to apply it at home- there be an occasion or not.

Did you know that once the desert people learned about henna’s coolant property, they used henna to cool down their minds and bodies?

5 Benefits of Indian mehndi/henna:

1. Relief from headaches: Henna flowers cure headaches caused by the heat of the sun. A plaster made of Henna flowers soaked in vinegar and applied over the forehead relieves the headaches.

2. Eases arthritis pain: When henna is used on the hands, it helps to relax the body via the cooling effect it has on the nerves, thus reducing inflammation caused by arthritis symptoms.

3. For healthy, dense hair: Henna helps to improve overall hair health. It acts as a coolant as well as when the paste is applied to the scalp, it seals the hair cuticle, preventing breaking of hair, and increasing the shine as well as texture of hair.

4. For healthy gums: Chewing on henna leaves is said to reduce the risk of gum disease. A paste of henna leaves is said to treat mouth ulcers.

5. DIY diaper rash cure: A little bit of henna powder sprinkled on the inflamed diaper rash reduces skin irritation.

The best medicine is often that which the earth gives to us. Henna is the perfect hidden gem cherished through the eastern culture and making its way to the west.

Check out these 25 simple Indian mehndi designs that are therapeutic and rejuvenating:

Click on each image for full view.

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