5 Diwali Diya DIY Ideas For Kids – Eco-Friendly Home Decoration

There is a slight nip in the air and we are almost halfway down as far as the festivals are concerned when it comes to the auspicious Kartik month in the Hindu calendar. There is a feeling of togetherness in the entire community, schools are buzzing with festive feels, and the sweet shop is bustling with energy! With hardly a week left for Diwali, we are sure the annual cleaning of homes has already begun. Long after the cleaning is wrapped up, the next most important  thing you’d like to do as a part of the home decor abhiyan is to get inspired by Diwali diya DIY ideas. Yes, you heard that right. Diwali is just the perfect time to amp up your home with new decor or furniture.

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However, if you are a DIY-fan then the fun of this festival just doubles up. These days’ people are moving towards more conscious thinking and thus they are adopting eco-friendly and more meaningful ways to celebrate this auspicious festival. With fast-fashion and consumerism slowly fading out, people are inclining more towards re-cycling and upcycling of old products. Thus there is a complete perspective change on how to celebrate this festival. So, today at TCT present to you 5 DIY Diya (earthen) decoration ideas to celebrate ‘Green’ Diwali. Why are these so special? It’s because they hardly require any investment and the final products can be achieved under 200 INR!

Moreover, Diyas is a way of celebrating the entire concept of ‘shop local’. Go to your local pottery shop and purchase mud diyas. Bring them home and start a little DIY activity with your little ones! Because after all ‘spending time with the family’ is just what summarizes festivals- right?

1. Pearly whites

Decorate your diyas with white and beautiful pearls. Paint the diya white color. Giving a white base always helps as the color turns out good and in a shiny form. After painting it white, paint it with the color of your choice. Put an entire line of glue on the entire rim of the diya. Now start pasting pearl stick-on on this. Voila, your diya is ready!

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2. Shiny rhinestones

Remember those sparkly stones used as decorative pieces used on greeting cards? It is time to bring it back again- only this time with your child! After giving a white base color, coat the diya with a color of your choice. Now paste the rhinestones on the rim of the Diya.

Diwali Diya DIY Ideas 02

3. Colored cello tapes

After you have painted the white base; it’s time to coat it with a sparkly shade of golden! Golden totally gives pure festive feels, then why miss your DIY diya? After the gold paint has dried off, take colored cello tapes, and make the design using this on the diya. Your unique and beautiful diya is ready to be used in the Diwali Pooja.

Diwali DIY Diya Ideas 03

4. Shiny mirror stick-ons

Think of art and craft, and you cannot just miss the mirror stones which have been the most liked pieces of decorative items. Use the mirror stones to line the rim of the diya and watch as your diyas become even more vibrant and shiny!Diwali Diya DIY Ideas 04

5. Simply painted diyas

Simplicity never goes out of style! The same holds true for your diya as well. Just paint your diyas with your choice of acrylic color. You can paint any design of your choice or maybe something which your child likes!

Diwali DIY Diya Ideas 05

In fact just hand paint and brush to your child and see their inner Picasso unravel on the diyas!

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