No Shave November – These Men Trashed Their Razors For A Cause

It’s November and the festive season is around the corner! The countdown has begun! As we begin to get into the mood to make merry, spread some cheer, and generally, the party (with all the safety protocols in place, of course!) – our minds are already racing ahead for ideas to celebrate Christmas and New Year! Grooming and fashion for men have evolved over the last few years. The competition between men and women in this arena has now become neck to neck. So, men increasingly turn to the internet for inspirational thoughts and suggestions to celebrate, where they’re likely to have stumbled upon memes, pictures, and quotes featuring hairy men (pun intended), and if you’ve found yourself wondering, “what’s with these men and their beard look and long hair – Welcome to ‘No Shave November’ or Movember as it is also referred to as.

No Shave November - Goal

No-Shave November:

The concept of No-Shave November has been around for a while now. Although thanks to social media the idea has spread and won millions of hearts in the process. In a nutshell, during this time men ditch their razors and shaving gels to donate their grooming expenses to cancer charities. 

Often, we’ve come across reports about how cancer has risen exponentially this past decade. According to the World Health Organisation, cancer is the second leading cause of death globally. Scary as the mortality rates are, the ordeal of living with this dreaded disease – chemotherapy, exorbitant medical bills, associated health issues, and hair loss – all take their toll on cancer patients.

Therefore, to support these patients, men from around the world do their bit by donating the money that they would otherwise spend on a haircut or a shave. This is a noble cause indeed, however, not without a somewhat humourous twist – read on to know what we mean. 

When TCT met these handsome hunks with beard and stubble:

TCT asked a few good men (and they look stunning in their beard look) about their idea of No Shave November and this is what they had to say about this truly novel and noble initiative.

We hope that you are motivated by these fine, unpretentious gentlemen. As they said, let not charity be restricted to a particular month in a year. Instead, any month can be “Movember” as long as you are part of something that brings comfort and joy to others.

So let that beard grow! Spread awareness and be generous!


No Shave November

Jayashankar Balakrishnan – Businessman from Kochi

Sameer Malhotra – Indian Film Actor

Nadir Kanthawala – Co-founder, Pops in a pod and Digital Marketer

Aditya Bhalla – Businessman from Ludhiana (Special Thanks to Neha Bhalla)

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18 thoughts on “No Shave November – These Men Trashed Their Razors For A Cause”

  1. I wasn’t aware of this no shave November.. it is a very good initiative actually. Cancer is the most dangerous disease and I am glad that men also are coming forward in this initiatives.

  2. Sometimes we do need a social media push for initiatives as strong as this glad to know about how men are taking it forward thanks for sharing the thought process behind the No Shave November

  3. This is a great initiative and it is wonderful to see so many people come together to raise awareness and also build empathy

  4. This is indeed a great cause. I got to know about it a few years back and I also know of a few men in my circle who follow this and help raise awareness and money for the great cause.

  5. Lovely and refreshing post..I do know about Movember but I liked your video showcasing with live examples.Its a great initiative but most men are doing it just for a change.

  6. I’ve heard about No Shave November and applaud these men for going for it. This is a commendable initiative and I hope more people join in next time.

  7. Interesting. I’m sure my bearded husband does not have an idea about this cause. But I must ask him what’s his reason for growing his facial feathers. I’m linking this post to my post next week.

  8. Great thought behind this wonderful initiative. Hatts off to people who have made it happen. I completely support this and will spread the awareness. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a really great initiative and I wonder I was not aware of NO shave November. Thanks for sharing these!!

  10. I recently heard about this initiative and indeed it is unique and praiseworthy. Cancer is one of the most dreading disease and it is really great that men are coming forward to supporting the Charity.

  11. Thats a great initiative. I wasnt aware of No-shave November. All of their views are worth considering. I agree to what Sameer Malhota said-if women are okay with it then we should give it a thought.