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Preschooling is essential for a child’s overall development. It includes how they read, interpret and communicate. Research shows that kids who participate in activities for preschool at home get several benefits that can last through school and their lives. In addition to this, the study says, kids who attend preschool programs are ‘more prepared’ for school compared to those who did not.  

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Understandably, learning for toddlers and preschoolers should be through games and fun activities. But it is important to know the right activity for your kid and how it benefits them. Does it help them in reading better? Or build their cognition? Which activities help in emotional development or physical development? Are they having fun while doing it? Hence, the need for a holistic program focusing on the overall development of the child is amplified.

“The activities that are the easiest and most fun to do – such as singing, playing games, reading, storytelling, and just talking and listening – are also the best for child development.”

~ Jerome Singer

Flintoclass@HOME – A holistic preschool program:

Flintoclass@HOME is a perfect solution that provides you with the right activities for preschool at home. With its hands-on, safe, and child-friendly curriculum, the Flintoclass@HOME program is the best choice when it comes to the overall development of preschoolers. The preschool program heeds on your child’s total development, including communication, social, emotional, and cognitive skills. With the Flintoclass@HOME kit, you get dozens of different activities with all the required materials and guides. 

Here’s what you get:

The Flintoclass@HOME program includes: Playgroup, Nursery, Lower KG, and Upper KG. After selecting a suitable program for your kid, Flintoclass will deliver an all-inclusive kit right to your home. The Flintoclass kit contains materials to cover preschool concepts and foundational skills. It is a hands-on kit, in which the lesson plans are structured, packed, and shipped in Day-Wise bags. The lessons also come with simple and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Along with this, the box contains a monthly journal book and visually appealing storybooks for reading and picturizing. With the kit, you get access to pre-recorded sessions as well as a personal adviser to help you and your child in the learning journey. These sessions follow a learn-at-your-pace model and you can watch them at any time giving parents the liberty to choose an appropriate time for themselves. Not only that, but they also share a development tracker that allows parents to keep track of all the sessions their child attends.

A program that goes beyond online classes:

To develop skills for the future, preschoolers need to learn and use their visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses. And engage in physical experiences through objects and toys. Flintoclass uses a hybrid approach of activities for preschool at home. They combine the finest hands-on learning with expert-led pre-recorded virtual guidance sessions. 

Since it is digitally minimal, children experience learning in a sensorial and practical manner, making it right for their developmental stage. The materials are fun, and play-based, making the learning process enjoyable. They emphasize the 16 key skills for physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language & holistic development.

The Flintoclass curriculum:

Activities by Flintoclass

In this VUCA world, mankind is constantly upgrading its modes of learning and making the process simple and fun. Likewise, a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Curriculum Researchers, Child Psychologists, Pedagogy Experts, and others formed Flintoclass@HOME curriculum. 

Furthermore, the curriculum is inspired by some of the best elements of teaching methodologies. Waldorf Steiner System, John Dewey System, Playway Methodology, Multiple Intelligence, and others, along with the latest advancement in Accelerated Learning and Neuroscience. All of these collectively makes Flintoclass@HOME one of the best preschool activity programs. To get an experience of the program, click here to book a FREE demo class

Preschool is a crucial time. A preschooler’s brain makes a thousand neural connections every second! It is our responsibility as parents to find the right learning activities for preschool at home. You can sign up for a FREE Demo to understand the offerings of Flintoclass@HOME. Once you are convinced, you can choose between the first term fee or an annual fee option with their easy no-cost EMI options.

by Pulkit Sahu

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