How To Potty Train A Baby – My Ultimate Guide To Potty Training

It is every parent’s wish to see their child doing well in life, that they will confide in us as friends, forgive us for our mistakes, blah blah. And then there are those who wish to see their children ‘diaper-free’. What a lovely and BIG milestone for your little one! Poop training a toddler is something that all parents dread. Teaching your child to take control of their bowel movements is a tough task but a critical one. So, how to potty train a baby? The key to poop training success is starting when your child is willing, interested and physically able. Although quite a few kids are ready as young as 18 months, others might not be prepared for potty training until well past their third birthday.

How To Potty Train A Baby

I had seen my sister-in-law (Karishma) struggling with my nephew who would just not stop pooping in his pants. From potty charts, gifts, incentives, being firm with him, being patient with him to make him sit for 30 minutes on the potty chair; she tried it all but nothing worked. There were times he would sit on the potty chair but a poop would not just happen. Karishma would let him go but after 15 minutes he would poop in his pants. Many parents feel that once their kids are out of diapers, things would get a little easy but, (and actually) that’s another level issue to deal with.

My kid wouldn’t stop pooping his pants, but I was persistent.

How to potty train a baby?

Here’s an ultimate guide on how to potty train a baby. We hope these tips help your baby learn.

1. Potty books

My sister-in-law gifted us two really wonderful books which really helped. One was ‘It Hurts When I Poop’ and the other ‘Bloop Bloop Goes the Poop’. The first one was more educational than entertaining. But, hey! Kids ought to know why it’s not good to hold the poop and how our diet affects our tummies. It helped him understand his body better. The second book emphasized the importance of getting rid of poop from your body. It was kinda fun.

Click on the book picture towards the end to get your copy! 

How To Potty Train A Baby

2. Choose the right clothing

Did I hear you say- “Are you kidding me?”

No! Not kidding. Let your child first sit on the pot while fully clothed and gradually make them sit without the diaper. When you are poop training your little one, it is best to gradually start taking off their clothes and towards the end- we progress towards their diaper. It’s a good idea to always back it up with a bath. Alternatively, you could change them into clothes that can be instantly removed, dropped to the ankles plus kicked off immediately. A good trick to get them in this habit (especially helpful during travels).

3. Poop routine – Align yourself

Once your child’s eating habits are regular, their bowel movements will also become regular. Most kids poop once a day, generally after a meal, so you can make your little one sit on the pot at that time.

4. Give them company

You must always accompany your child when you embark on the journey of poop training. I might sound like some guru who is letting you in on a secret poop mantra, but you got to believe me when I say this. It is a journey towards happiness and stress-free life. If you start by showing patience and giving time to this entire process, it will prepare you better for the coming days/weeks/months. You won’t feel like there is a special time assigned to this task. It is definitely time-consuming and often frustrating, but patience goes a long way, my dear mommies and daddies! So, stay with your little one while they are on the potty chair. Put your child at ease by singing them a poop-song, maybe…

How To Potty Train A Baby

5. Have patience

Please remember that while you are allowed to lose your patience on anything in life, it isn’t applicable here. This is perhaps the most important poop training tip. Teaching your child bowel control can take a lot of time. You have to be very patient and also supportive. Scolding or forcing your child will not help you out and will only create more issues.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks for poop training, go ahead start the process right away. Good luck with achieving a HUGE baby development milestone.

by Urvashi Newar

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