How To Clean Your Infant’s Eyes

There is no better sight than to see your baby sleeping. Apart from that dreamy kind of look which the baby gives while sleeping, it also gives us mommies some ‘ME-TIME’. Those little fingers, eyes, and toes leave us mesmerized with each passing day. Just like any other sensory organs, eyes are also extremely delicate and we need to take utmost care while cleaning them or whenever we are washing our infants’ faces. As a mom, I feel, cleaning your infant’s eyes is trickier than cutting their nails.

As much as cleaning an infant’s eyes is involved, an equally important tip is to clean it the right way. The extremely soft area around an infant’s eyes is the prime reason for this. Thus, there is no doubt that many parents have different kinds of fear when they are about to clean their little one’s eyes. Regular cleaning of eyes will keep them clean and healthy in the long run.

How to clean baby's eyes
How to clean baby’s eyes

Check out these six simple ways to clean your infant’s eyes:

1. Use a baby washcloth

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This is by far the easiest and hassle-free way of cleaning your infant’s eyes. Take a clean damp washcloth and wrap it around your fingers and gently massage the eyes where you want to clean it. So basically, it is more of massaging than cleaning. It is also because an infant’s eyes need very soft and gentle touch and the massaging will do the trick.

2. Ensure his/her eyes are closed

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Try to make this routine such that your baby is in deep sleep at that moment of time. The eyes should be particularly closed so that the cornea isn’t damaged in the process of cleaning.

3. Maintain proper hygiene

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As mothers, we take care utmost care of our little ones. We tend to sanitize our hands n number of times in an entire day. Make sure you wash your hands and pat them dry before you start the actual cleaning process. Always use a different cloth for cleaning each eye. This will ensure that if there is one infection in one eye it doesn’t get transmitted to the other.

4. Look out for any discharge

Always lookout for any sticky discharge from your baby’s eyes. While in most cases it is harmless if it interferes with your baby’s regular cheerful self, then you might need to talk to your paediatrician. Most infants have a tear and sticky discharge from their eyes which needs to be cleaned regularly.

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5. Be patient

Without any doubt, all mothers are patient or rather their kids teach them new lessons of patience every day. While some kids have it easy, others can still be fidgety or not let you clean their eyes in one go. Try to be as patient as possible and perform gentle cleaning.

6. Only clean the exterior

baby with her mother

It is a myth that eyes need to be cleaned from inside in case of yellow discharge. Normal exterior cleaning will do the trick for you mommies. Never try to clean your little one’s eyes from inside.

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