5 Genius Mom Ways To Use A Mason Jar

A mason jar or a ball jar is one of the most commonly used storage items in the kitchen. Named after John Landis Mason who was the first to invent and patent it, this jar is mostly used for canning and preserving food. Currently, mason jars are available in a lot many designs, shapes, textures, and material. But, they are multi-purpose! We have 5 genius ways to use a mason jar sitting in your kitchen shelf. Bring them to use, now.

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The usage of mason jars is not limited to just storage purposes today. They can be used in a variety of ways to enliven and decorate the house.

Here are 5 genius mom ways to use a mason jar in your kitchen and home this summer:

1. Milkshake and juice glass

Wondering how to use a mason jar and make it into a juice glass?

The summer season is the best time to indulge your little ones in delicious milkshakes and fresh fruit juices. Make it more interesting for them by serving in interesting jars and bottles. Here is one such idea you can use to transform a mason jar to serve juice to your little one.

Take a mason jar of a size you think will be suitable to serve juice. Take out the lid and mark it at the center. Drill a hole big enough to accommodate a straw with the help of a 5/16 drill machine. To make the lid airtight and for it to become non-dripping, secure the hole with a 5/16 grommet. The jar is now ready to be used as a serving jar. Use colorful straws when serving.

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2. Colorful pencil holders

One of the best mason jar crafts for kids

Let this summer be a colorful one for your little one’s study table with this colorful mason jar as a pencil holder.

Add a few drops of water to fresh fruit juices. Add this paint to the bottom of the mason jar. Pour out the paint to the mouth of the jar. Turn the jar and pour out again. Make it more colorful by pouring in additional layers of different colors along the top rim of the jar. Repeat this as many times till the jar is covered with different colors. Pour out the extra paint and let the jar dry. Now it is ready to be used.

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3. Nebula jar

If your little one is a science enthusiast, then make one galaxy or nebula jar to add a touch of the Milky way in the bedroom. This jar is also believed to have a calming effect, an added bonus if your little one is hyperactive.

All you need is a glass jar, at least two tempera paint colors, a lot of cotton balls, fine silver glitter, and water. Fill one-third of the water with water. Add several drops of tempera paint to the water. Close the lid and shake to mix the water and paint. Add a little bit of glitter to this solution. Stretch out the cotton balls and elongate them. Add them to the water by pressing them down with a stick. Do this till the bottom is filled with water. Fill another one-third of the jar with water and add the other color.

Again add the fine glitter and add the elongated cotton balls. Press the cotton balls again. The colors will mix and blend into each other. Fill the remaining portion of the jar with water and repeat again by adding the first color, glitter, and cotton. Your sparkling nebula jar is ready.

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4. Aquarium in a jar

Cute little things to put in mason jars for gifts

Make your own little aquarium that can be placed on your child’s study table. It is one of the easiest things to create and can be turned into a fun activity for children as well.

Take a medium-sized mason jar. Fill it with filtered water till 3/4th of its capacity. Add blue food coloring and shake it well. Add aquarium plants, rocks, plastic figurines, and toy fish. For a glittery feel, you can add blue and white glitter. Adding glycerine to it will make the glitter move less slowly when the jar is shaken. The artificial aquarium is ready.

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5. Marbleizing mason jars

Here’s your answer to what to put in glass jars for decoration

This is one interesting idea to create some colorful mason jars for decoration out of some unused nail polish. Clean the insides of the jar thoroughly. Then pour all the nail polish of different colors that you want inside the jar. Swirl the paint around the inside of the jar. Then roll the jar from side to side till it has covered the portion that you want to be colored. Add more paint if required. Wipe off any paint on the outside of the jar before it dries. Let it dry for some hours to also get rid of the nail polish smell.

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But if you plan to add any decoration in the jar, do it after a couple of days. You can use the jar as it is for decoration or put some planters in it.

Add a dash of color to your homes with these awesome fresh fruit juices this summer season.

by Tasneem Dhinojwala





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