Top 10 Frugal And Easy Halloween DIY Decor Ideas For Kids

It’s October, and kids are super excited about Halloween’s trick or treat! Right from shortlisting spooky-funny movies to decorating the house with DIY Halloween crafts, we are keeping ourselves busy creatively.

So, now that we’re home-bound, this Halloween, let’s have a special, spooky, and scary week leading to the D-day. Make it unique for your children. Bring out the artist in you and your children without breaking your bank.

Halloween DIY 01

With just a few days, open the doors of the crafty shelves and make something creepy yet cute for your child all by yourself. Let’s fly into your creative fantasy world of Halloween and decorate your space and children as the beautiful Angels and loving Demons. If you haven’t tried the do-It-yourself (DIY) décor ideas, here is the chance to try and test innate unknown abilities and surprise yourself and your children.

10 Frugal and easy Halloween DIY décor ideas for kids:

1. Pasta plans

Don’t run your thoughts into any food recipe. This is an idea to create a skeleton using the little pasta goblins.

Things Required: Some pasta goblins of different shapes, a black chart paper, and a craft glue.

Instructions: With the reference of the image, create your own skeleton using the past goblins and stick it on the chart paper with glue. Allow it to dry for an hour or so. You can stick the same on the wall or hang it at the entrance of the door.

2. Spooky jewelry

Ghostly creative jewelry perfectly matching your Halloween attire, is always a fun-filled idea.

Things Required: Parchment Paper, White Glue, Strings of Thread.

Instructions: Draw the shape of the ghost on the parchment paper using the white glue. Allow it to dry for a day or so. Once dried, draw the eyes and nose on the paper. Make small holes on the top of the parchment paper and connect them in a single string of threads.

3. Ghost lights

A crazy, witty Halloween Idea. This is a very easy and simple idea with a great impact.

Things Required: Ping-Pong Balls, White Christmas Lights, Permanent Market, Rice flour, Water, and Cheesecloth.

Instructions: Pierce holes in the ping-pong balls so that the white Christmas lights can fit into the same. Once done, insert the light and check the same. Ask your child to decorate the balls with different moods which are the reflection of the ghosts, using the permanent marker. Cut the cheesecloth into 8*8” in a rectangular size. Dip the cheesecloth into the rice flour water; make it messy. Meanwhile, stick the decorated balls in the empty egg tray. Place the dried cheesecloth on the ping-pong balls and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Using adhesive tape, insert the lights into the ping-pong balls and make it a single string and display it on a tree.

4. Hanging ghosts

Make some cute little puffy ghosts in just a few steps.

Things Required: White chart paper Black Chart Paper, Scissors, Glue, and Cotton.

Instructions: Take the white chart paper and cut it into a ghost shape. It need not be perfect. Get your hands dirty and put the glue on the paper and keep sticking the cotton simultaneously in the place you have poured the glue. Cover the entire chart paper with cotton. Make some big eyes and mouth using the black chart paper and stick them as well on the cotton. Once dried, you can hang those using strings or stick them on the walls.

5. Spider plates

These spider plates are very simple in form and can be made quickly.

Things Required: Black Paper Plates, Punching Machine, Scissors, Spider (Toy Sticker), and White Thread.

Instructions: Punch the holes around the edges of the paper plate in equal distance. Take the white thread and make a knot in one of the holes. Using the cut yarn begin threading it through each hole back and forth into a web pattern. Get your sticker spider and stick it on the white thread web and your spider plates are ready to go on the wall.

6. Gingerbread mummies

Cute little Ginger Bread Mummies for your Halloween Party.

Things Required: Black Chart Paper, Masking Tape, White Crayon, Glue, Scissors, and Googly Eyes.

Instructions: Draw the outline of a body of a Ginger Bread using the white crayon on the black chart paper. Stick the pieces of masking tape inside the Ginger Bread and cut out the same from the chart paper. Using glue, stick the googly eyes on the masking tape and your cute little spooky Ginger Bread Mummy is ready to go for your Halloween Party.

Halloween DIY 08

7. Black paper flowers

You can gift your guests a flower bouquet with a twist. You can also keep some of them on the flower vase in your home.

Things Required: 18-inch long floral wire, double-sided tape, Black paper streamer

Instructions: Bend the floral wire in half. Cover the wire with the double-sided tape in the bent area for five to seven times. Place the black paper streamer on the tip of the taped area and slowly and closely wrap it around the tape, to create the inner bud, by pinching the bottom edge of the streamer against the taped wire. Continue wrapping the streamer around the wire till the base to form the petals of the flower. You can finish it once you get a full blossomed flower by cutting and sticking the flower to the wire. Halloween DIY 09

8. Ghostly lanterns

Cheap and Cheerful Ghostly lanterns just for your entrance. A perfect Halloween Welcome for the guests.

Things Required: Empty Milk Jugs, Permanent Marker, and Christmas White Lights.

Instructions: Take the clean and empty old milk jugs and draw the different moods on one side of the empty cans using the permanent marker. Once dried, keep the Christmas White Lights inside the jug and use the same as the creepy Ghostly Lanterns.

Halloween DIY 10

9. Frames of spirits

Scare your guests with these beautiful handmade ghost frames.

Things Required: Foam heads, Knife, Old Empty Frames, Hot Glue, Foam Brush and Mod Podge and Cheesecloth

Instructions: Cut the foam heads into half using the knife. Remove the glass from the frames. Using a hot glue stick the foam head to the frame backing. Coat foam heads with Mod Podge and place a layer of cheesecloth over the top. Smear extra layers of Mod Podge and cheesecloth as preferred. Allow it to dry completely. Place the frame together, cut the extra cheesecloth, and hang it.

Halloween DIY 11

10. Spider dupes

Cute little spider lollipops to be used as a décor prop for your Halloween Dining Tables.

Things Required: Lollipops, 12-inch pipe cleaners, Google Eyes, Scissors or Wire Cutter, and Glue.

Instructions: Each Spider Lollipop needs 2 pipe cleaners. Take your pipe cleaner and cut them into half using your wire cutter or scissors. You have 4 pieces of pipe cleaners and align the same exactly in the center of the Lollipop. Wrap one side of the pipe cleaner around the stem of the Lollipop and pull it tight. Bend the ends to make little feet. Using glue, stick the googly eyes in the center of the stem, on the spider. Your cute little spider dupes are ready to crawl in the table.

All the décor ideas can be done with simple things available in your house without breaking the budget of your month. Look into those old cupboards, grab your art materials, and get crafty. Make your Halloween special for you and your family with tiny gestures of love.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

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