5 Min Drawing Hacks For Kids During Lockdown – Animal Drawing Hacks

During COVID-19 lockdown, it’s hard to keep kids busy and entertained at all times. From their morning yoga to ensuring kids eat healthy meals, followed by an hour or two of writing, now that’s a dream! Also, we hear a lot of people telling us a zillion art activities for kids to keep them engaged. It’s not practical. Often difficult to even get started if there isn’t enough material stocked at home. We feel you, dear parents. With this post, we aim to make art and craft fun and frugal – with supplies your homes would already have at hand. During lockdown, we bring to you the easiest, 5 minutes drawing hacks for kids. And what are we making exactly? Animals!

Art activities for kids are real fun to do. Sometimes parents seek joy in them too. What ages are these crafts suitable for? Well! I’d say right from 4 years up until 84 years.

Now art activities for kids made easy with these drawing hacks for kids presented through this short video by My Art for Life. Take a look at it now. We are sure you will get started right away!

Hope you enjoyed this video. Give us a thumbs up in the comments. Tell us what did you make? We will soon be sharing toddlers crafts, paper craft ideas, more of 5 min drawing hacks, easy paper crafts for kids, crafts simple enough for preschoolers to do at home, kindergarten crafts and a lot more. Till then, make the most of this lockdown period.

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