Top 3 DIY natural skin care products for babies

Recipes of natural cream, gentle soap bar and healthy oil gets unveiled. Now take care of babies sensitive skin with these awesome skin care products! 

When I was pregnant, I was gifted atleast 10 newborn baby care products. Skin lotions, soap bars, moisturizers, massage oils, diaper rash creams and what not. Most of them were branded and expensive (least to say). After having gone through the list of ingredients mentioned on the label of the products, I went on the internet and did a bit of research. What I discovered was horrifying. Most ingredients were artificial, laced with preservatives. They were not safe at all! It got me worried and alarmed.natural skin care products for babies 01

How could I possibly slather these creams and lotions on my baby’s ultra soft skin?

I wondered why things like Propylene glycol, parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetic waxes and petroleum based oils were considered safe for kids. Most of these ingredients are not natural. They bear a moderate risk of allergies.

So, I decided to look out for ways to prepare my own baby care products. At the same time I also looked for unknown brands which were sourcing and manufacturing natural products designed especially for the little one’s skin.

1. Baby skin care cream:

To prepare an all-natural skin cream free from Propylene glycol, parabens, artificial fragrances, synthetic waxes and petroleum based oils, here are some of the natural ingredients that I used: 1/4 cup cocoa butter; 1/4 cup shea butter; 2 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil; 1 Tablespoon of castor oil and essential oils of your choice. I used just a few drops of drops of chamomile/ rose. In order to make a jar full of this awesome skin cream which is super soothing on your baby’s extra-sensitive skin, here is what you need to do:

  • Heat all ingredients in a glass jar or bowl over a small pan of boiling water. Don’t add essential oil to the mixture yet.
  • Stir carefully until melted.
  • Now, let is cool for a bit and add essential oils (just a few drops).
  • Pour in to a cute little mason jar for storage purposes.

Feel free to apply it to your baby’s skin right after giving him a bath. During winter season, you can massage your baby with this all-natural skin care formula. natural skin care products for babies 02

2. Baby oil

Baby oil is the most often-used product for baby hygiene in a country like ours. Baby oil is a multi-purpose baby care product. You can apply it on the diaper rash, skin rash, massage your baby’s entire body with it, or just about massage his scalp with it. Here is how I prepared my own non-sticky, transparent baby oil. Here are some of the ingredients that are required in it’s making: A base (coconut milk/ olive oil/ apricot oil/ almond oil); Two small spoons of crushed calendula flowers. And this is all you need. Now let’s look at how to prepare it

  • Pour the base (one cup) into a bowl (made of stainless steel). Add over two spoons of organic calendula flowers to the bowl and stir for 2 minutes.
  • Put it on the stove on low temperature. Let the steel bowl sit there for over 4 hours. Now, remove it from the stove and let it cool.
  • Now pour the liquid in a cute little mason jar or a tin can. Store it at room temperature. If it’s too hot indoors, refrigerate it to ensure the life of the product stays much longer. natural skin care products for babies 03

TCT Recommends: We also recommend an amazing product available in the market. Baby First baby oil is 100% natural and virgin coconut oil. The main source of making this oil is fresh coconut milk, which is extracted from high quality coconuts cultivated in the Malabar Region of Kerala. Baby First Baby Oil does not contain any mineral oil, preservative, artificial fragrance, or any coloring agent. This is the most ideal all-season baby oil for appropriate care of baby’s tender skin. It is also a great natural moisturizer that keeps baby’s skin soft and smooth. It also contains 50% Lauric acid which is otherwise available only in mothers’ breast milknatural skin care products for babies 04

3. Baby soap: 

When it comes to baby’s skin care products- I like to steer clear of added fragrances. So this homemade natural baby soap bar recipe will be fragrance free. Instead- I shall be using herb infused oils just to make sure it has that light scent (you can use essential oil if mild fragrance is what you prefer). What you need to make your own soap bar: 1.4 liters of Olive oil/coconut oil (or both); 120 ml of castor oil; 600 ml of distilled water; Lye. You also need thermometer, soap mold, spatula, gloves, and hand towels (the process is a bit messy!)

  • Fill-in your sink with of cold water and some ice to use as a water bath to cool the lye mixture.
  • Make sure to have your rubber gloves on. It’s because lye is extremely alkaline and can burn your skin. Now place the distilled water into the pitcher and very slowly stir in the lye. Keep stirring slowly until dissolved.  Now place the pitcher in the cold water. The objective is to bring it down to 37 Celsius.natural skin care products for babies 05

TCT Recommends: I suggest doing this outdoors. Do also make sure to have your kids packed off to school when preparing the soap. The fumes can be toxic.

  • Now place the base oil (if planning to add essential oils to your soap, this is not the time to add it, not just yet) into the pot and heat at a low temperature trying to reach 37 Celsius (100°F), 
  • Now pour the lye mixture very slowly into the oil mixture. Continue stirring with a spatula until the mixture reaches a point where the liquid retains it shape on the surface of the soap mold.
  • Sprinkle in a few drops of the essential oil. Cover with the piece of cardboard and then wrap in a towel or blanket to hold the heat. You may remove the towel after the first day, but the soap itself will take several days to harden. Super-fat soap is a soft soap that takes longer. When it feels solid, you may cut the soap into bars and un-mold it. The soap is still alkaline and should not be used until it has been left untouched for minimum 6 weeks.natural skin care products for babies 06

TCT Recommends: Baby First soap is natural, organic and absolutely free from chemicals. Here is what I use as an alternate (especially when my little one is playing hyperactive and not leaving me alone for this DIY activity). I go back to using Baby First baby soap bar, which is enriched with moisturizer and Vitamin E for healthy and lustrous baby skin. Made with 100% vegetable oil, the soap does not contain any animal fat. With 72% total fatty matter, the soap retains the moisture level of baby’s skin while gently cleansing the skin surface with its soft and soothing foam. It has been made under FDA Approved formulation.


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