Top 10 child safety tips during Holi festival

by Ila Asthana

Expert 01This Holi festival, be sure to keep your kids safe from harsh colors. Here are some tips to keep in mind for the sake of precaution!

Holi Hai! The time has come to immerse ourselves and rejoice in the colors of the festival, Holi. As the spring season sets in, Holi is an eve celebrated, in the honor of Lord Krishna with splash of colors, spraying of water guns and colored powder on each other. Though it is fun, at times becomes hazardous when proper precautions are not taken. Here is a quick guide to child safety tips, which must be implemented during the Holi festival.Holi festival 01

1. Clothing: Comfortable clothing, covering the skin is most advised. Full-sleeve tops and long bottoms can be worn to protect the sensitive part of the skin of your child from the external agents.Holi festival 02

2. Pre-preparation: Before going to the grounds to play Holi, prepare your child. Apply oil or cream all over the body of your child and ensure no powder or gel gets stuck to the skin. Even the hair of the child must be oiled to shield it from the harmful effects of the color.Holi festival 03

3. Go-green: Use green and organic homemade natural colors as much as possible. This would cause less harm to children.Holi festival 04

4. Water gun protocol: Teach your child not to use the water gun on anyone’s eyes or ears directly. Tell them how vulnerable eyes and ears are and ensure the safety of others.Holi festival 05

5. No water balloons: Try to ban water balloons if possible or do not allow your child to play in the area of water balloons. They might be fun to play with, however, it can cause tremendous injuries when hit hard.Holi festival 06

6. Dental caps: Use of dental caps to protect the teeth’s of your child from unnecessary stains is always preferred.

7. Stay hydrated: With changing climatic conditions, it is necessary to stay hydrated by drinking water before, after and while you are playing with colors. Water can keep the harmful chemicals from being immersed into the skin and helps to get rid of excessive toxins.

8. Post- celebrations: Don’t allow the colors to be on the baby for too long after the celebrations are over. Use a mild soap and warm water to remove the colors and prevent any skin allergies. Do not scrape the skin too much to remove the colors.

9. Emergency contacts: Always have the list of emergency contact information on your mobile. This way, any emergency scenario or mishap can be addressed immediately.

10. Educate: At last, educate your child, not to waste too much water and always children must be supervised by adults around them.

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  1. The powder is made of fine dusts and there is no guarantee that you will not be able to inhale them. Wrapping a bandana around your face will help protect your nose and mouth.