Top 52 Modern Indian baby names for 2020

by Urvashi Newar

Looking for a modern baby name for your newborn boy or girl? Check out these 52 Indian baby names that will be trending in 2020

Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. As you prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy, you strive to give them nothing but the best. One thing which many parents find tough is to choose a name for their child. Nowadays, parents look for a name that is modern but still is rooted in our Indian culture. Modern Indian baby names 01

We at TCT have curated a list of top 52 modern Indian baby names (with their meanings) that will be trending all through 2020. So, here’s promising all the expecting parents a list of thought-through, popular and awesome baby boy and girl names!

1. Aarav: A loud sound. 

2. Aarna: Lakshmi

3. Aarush: The first ray of the winter sun

4. Aaryahi: Goddess Durga

5. Advik: Unique

6. Ahana: The first ray of sun

7. Anahita: Graceful

8. Anay: Lord Vishnu 

9. Arhaan: Emperor. 

10. Bhamini: Glorious or beautiful

11. Bhavin: A winner

12. Darshit: To pay respect

13. Devansh: A part of God

14. Divij: Celestial. 

15. Divyansh: Divine part

16. Eshani: Goddess Parvati

17. Fateh: Victory

18. Hridaan: Great heart

19. Ivan: “God is Gracious”

20. Jivika: The source of life

21. Jivin: To give life

22. Keya: Flower

23. Kiara: Dark-haired

24. Kimaya: Divine

25. Kiaan: The king

26. Lakshit: Targetted

27. Lavanya: Grace or beauty

28. Miraan: Princely

29. Miraya: Lord Krishna’s devotee

30. Misha: Eternal happiness

31. Neysa: Pure

32. Nirvaan: Ultimate bliss

33. Nirvi: Bliss

34. Nishith: Night

35. Nitara: Deeply rooted

36. Ojas: Bountiful energy

37. Prerak: The one who encourages

38. Prisha: Beloved or God’s gift

39. Priyansh: Most valuable part of something

40. Renee: Born again

41. Riaan: Little king

42. Ritvik: Priest

43. Samaira: Enchanting

44. Samar: Talk in the evening

45. Samiha: Incomparable or gracious

46. Shalv: Lord Shiv

47. Shamik: Peaceful or an ancient sage

48. Stuvan: To praise

49. Trisha: Desire

50. Vritika: Thought

51. Yakshit: Permanent

52. Zeeshan: Strength


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