10 Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Kids

by Suditsha Sanyal

Parents at times have no idea what they talk or gossip, when in front of kids. Here are a few things that they should never do in front of their kids

The behavioral pattern of a child has a strong bearing with his/her parental upbringing. Parents and the environment are the first teachers of any child in the world. It is like their first “ Alma Mater”. Their very first stepping stone into the world of learning. Therefore, as parents, it is our prime responsibility to teach them good values, meaningful existence, sense of belongingness and responsibility. Down below is the list of 10 things you should never do in front of your kids.Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Kids 01

1. Disrespecting and Humiliating your Partner:

As an individual, it is quite normal to have a difference in opinion. It is not necessary to have the same viewpoint about anything, and that is absolutely fine. Having said that, neither does it mean, that you will start arguing and fighting with your partner over this. And even if you do so, please do not forget to shut the door and keep the fight restricted to the four walls and at bay from your children. Disrespecting and humiliating your partner in front of your kid is possibly the worst and last thing you can do.

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2. Trash Talks:

Never, ever engage in any kind of cheap talks in front of your kids. Gossipping about others, backbiting and badmouthing is an absolute no-no.

3. Disrespecting or Looking Down on Someone:

Children are very keen observers and are quite quick in learning and picking up things, so if you have a habit of being rude with your service staff or maid stop immediately. Disrespecting anyone be it elders or younger, poor or rich is unpleasant and dreadful and may boomerang later in your own life.Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Kids 02

4. Passing Racist Comments or Being Judgemental:

To form an opinion about a person or community based on their religion, caste creed sect and nationality is awful. This kind of racist and biased behavior gives rise to fanatism and intolerance. Teach your child the language of love. Loving and respecting your own culture and traditions is greatly appreciable but at the same time accepting and respecting other cultures and religions make you a better and more evolved human being.

5. Being Negative and Discouraging Type:

If you can’t appreciate then it is better to keep shut rather than being the discouraging type. Negativity breeds negativity. Try and encourage your little one for the minutes’ achievements he/she has achieved. If your child fails at one go don’t be angry or too harsh on them this will lower their morale esteem. Teach them the value of try and try until you succeed. Tell them that you will be always there with them no matter what. All they need is love and assurance.Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Kids 03

6. Not Walking the Talk:

There is a phrase “ to practice what you preach”, this is extremely important to teach your child the do’s and dont’s in life. For example, if you have taught your kid to respect mother nature and not to litter anywhere, then please follow diligently. Don’t throw even the smallest piece of paper or trash anywhere. Coz if you say something and do something else then there is no value for your teaching, plus the child may get confused and may pick up the easiest thing to follow, which can be wrong.

7. Watching Violent or Scary Stuff:

Watching any movie or serial which have violent or scary content can be very detrimental for your child. The human brain is one of the greatest mystery on earth. There are millions and trillions of thoughts which crosses each other every nanosecond. Some stay at a conscious level, some at the subconscious and some in the unconscious mind. You may think that the child is too small to understand and retain anything. But don’t be mistaken by this. These unpleasant things can create a great impact on your kiddo’s brain and may give rise to serious psychological ailments later.

8. Smoking or Getting Drunk:

Smoking- whether it is active or passive, is harmful not only for you but also for your kid. Passive smoking, especially by infants, can trigger SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndromes). Similarly getting drunk and losing self-control doesn’t set the right examples to your kids. Having said, I don’t mean to deny you the enjoyment of social drinking with friends and families. Enjoy your social life in a dignified and elegant style by enjoying your social drinks with full control of your self. Don’t drink to get sloshed especially when your kids are around.

9. Lying and Swearing:

It is a fact that a child learns to lie from his/her parents. Lies or White lies both are equally bad. Lying and swearing can get infused in your child’s behavior and he /she may start lying to you on each and every matter. Hence stop lying even if it is while lying and instead teach your child to be honest and just.

10. Spending Time on Devices:

We are millennial parents and are surrounded by different kind of gadgets laptop, phone, television, etc. Spending time on devices, constantly checking your whats app or emails, Instagramming being social butterfly watching anything on iPad or hearing on iPod gives your child a feeling that you don’t like them and they start getting withdrawn and aloof. Spend some quality time with your kid instead. Go out for a small drive or walk. Play with them, talk with them read some storybook or cook something together. These are the moments you will cherish throughout your life.Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Kids 04



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