Top 10 Rangoli Designs to Make Using Holi Colors

by Urvashi Newar

Check out these 10 DIY rangoli designs using leftover Holi colors to involve your children in constructive ways. This is how you can decorate your house and celebrate family day in a special way

It is that time of the year again when we all are set to celebrate the festival of colors. Holi is one festival which is celebrated with great zeal and fervor across India. One of the best and creative activities to do with kids as well as utilize leftover Holi colors for something constructive.Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 01

Holi is around the corner and the excitement has already begun. This festival of colors symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, it also marks the beginning of spring season and is celebrated for showing gratitude for a good harvest. I just love splashing colors and water balloons on my loved
ones and not to miss eating yummy Holi delicacies. Post Holi celebrations, one thing which many of us worry about is what to do with leftover Holi colors. If you are also thinking about the same then you have come to the right place. Read on to find more.

Apart from your Holi party, you can use leftover Holi colors in a very creative way. Yes, you guessed it right, to make beautiful rangolis. Making rangolis is something which both adults and kids like. It is also a great way to keep your kids occupied during their session break. We have shortlisted the top 10 rangoli designs to make using Holi colors. 

1. Rangoli With Dots:

This colorful rangoli will look really beautiful and is super easy to make. You would need a rangoli cone for this. You just need to finalize your base design and select which colors you will be using. 

2. Radha Krishna Rangoli:

We all have heard tales of how Radha Krishna used to play Holi together. This design beautifully captures the equation they shared. You need to chalk out the faces in white and then fill in with different colors.Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 02

3. Big Colorful Rangoli:

A perfect color combination is all that you need to get this pretty rangoli design. The best thing about this design is that the base drawing is not that difficult. You just need to ensure that the alignment is not disrupted. Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 03

4. Multi-Colored Simple Rangoli Design:

This is an easy rangoli design. You have to circle the colors in layers and then enhance them slightly. This design is perfect if you have a dull base.Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 04

5. Kolam Design Rangoli Pattern:

This rangoli design will surely brighten up your home. You just need to make kolam design and regular rangoli patterns to make this masterpiece.Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 05

6. Circular Rangoli Design:

You will have to chalk out circular sections and then fill in different Holi colors to get this lovely rangoli design.Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 06

7. Peacock Rangoli Design:

This pattern looks really beautiful and is also one of the most popular rangoli designs. Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 07

8. Intricate Rangoli Pattern:

This one is undoubtedly one of the best rangoli designs. You can use this pattern in a smaller size. If you like intricate designs then this rangoli pattern is apt for you.Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 08

9. Rangoli Design With Different Shapes:

If you are looking for a rangoli design with different shapes then you will surely like this one. Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 09

10. Easy Rangoli Pattern for Beginners:

This design is perfect for all those who are looking for simple patterns. You just have to chalk out a rectangular portion where you will have to blend in the Holi colors. Rangoli designs to make using Holi colors 10

Go ahead make that beautiful rangoli right away.




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Image source: 01 to 10

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