New Mother and Baby Health Care Tips to Follow this Diwali

by Tasneem Dhinojwala

If you are a new mother celebrating her first Diwali with your newborn, then follow these critical baby health care tips to keep yourself and the little one safe

A festival becomes meaningful when it is celebrated with loved ones. And what if you have just been blessed with your little bundle of joy? For a new mother and her baby, the festivities take on an altogether meaning. There is another reason to celebrate and be happier than you would be.Mother and baby 21

It is already the time of festivities. Diwali, the festival of lights, is just about a week away. While you are thrilled, that your little one has already entered your world to make it more beautiful, there are certain things to keep in mind for the new mother and baby as a precautionary measure. We bring to you a few health care tips for the new mother and child to follow this Diwali.Mother and baby 22

1. Stick to yours’ and your baby’s schedule:

Every baby has its own sleep and feeding patterns. There is a set routine and schedule that you have been following with your baby. Do not upset this routine during Diwali. Stick to the baby’s sleeping and feeding time. As it is, the festivities around the baby might be a little upsetting – the extra noise, unfamiliar faces, and touch from time to time – and can play havoc in turning an otherwise quiet baby into a bundle of tantrums. Keeping the baby’s needs as priority will help keeping the tantrums at bay and will allow you to rest as well, especially during nighttime.

2. Watch what you eat: It is festival time:

There is a temptation of succumbing to your taste buds. You might want to enjoy all the mouth-watering dishes that are being cooked at home or the parties you might have to attend. It will be best to keep your cravings under control because as a breastfeeding mother, you might not want to affect your child. Eating with caution will also help you avoid any ailments that are harmful for your baby and you.Mother and baby 23

3. Avoid the Diwali festivity noise as much as possible:

Apart from being the festival of light, Diwali is also a festival of noise. Though these days, because of a ban on crackers, the decibel levels aren’t that much, but for a newborn, it is still a reason of concern. It is not healthy for a newborn child to be exposed to such high levels of noise. The baby is scared easily and can break into a crying fit. Use cotton balls or ear muffs as soon as you hear the crackers. Retreat to an inner room and close all the doors and windows to keep the noise at bay. As a new mom, even you can use ear muffs to stall the noise.Mother and baby 24

4. Protect both yourself and the baby from pollution:

This is one major health issue that needs precaution from the word go. The onset of winters, along with the weather conditions and the bursting of firecrackers brings down the air quality to its worst around Diwali time. Make sure to have medication handy for any breathing issues for the baby. Talk to your pediatrician beforehand and get the right prescription for any breathing issues for the little one. If possible do not take the baby out during those times when the air quality seems bad. Get a mask for yourself.Mother and baby 25

5. Protection from cold:

There is a slight nip in the air around Diwali time. For the baby, this can be reason enough to catch a cold and fall ill. Dress the baby in appropriate clothing and cover properly in swaddles and wraps. But do not overdress the baby. Even this can lead to discomfort. As a new mother, even you need to protect yourself from the cold, as your baby is always in direct touch with you.

6. Mind who is holding your baby:

This is the most important point for newborns. During festival time, you have a number of relatives and acquaintances visiting all at once. It is quite likely your baby is passed from one hand to another. It is not possible for you to watch out if their hands are washed and they aren’t kissing the baby on its face. Without being rude, make sure, your baby doesn’t come so much in physical contact with a lot of people.

Watch out and follow all the tips for a safe, healthy and happy Diwali with your little one.


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