10 Amazing hacks to make mom life easier

Aarti Kapur Singh

Expert 04Presenting 10 hacks to make mom’s life easier

Parenting is not easy especially with hyperactive and high energy kids that we have to manage these days. Most often than not, you run out of ideas to make life easier for yourself and your kids. When you look at the messy house and fussy kids day after day, you really wonder if there are tried and tested hacks that can create miracles to ease things out a bit. Indeed there are and you’ll be surprised how some of them are so simple and wonder how you never thought of them! Ever since I became a mom I have been looking for ways to make life a little easier. Things that save me time, money, effort or just make things a little more simple are always good for my sanity and peace of mind. Being a mom is rough, so every little thing counts.hacks to make mom life easier 01

Today I want to share some of my favorite mom hacks. I use all of these things and if I could help even just one mom by passing on these amazing tricks and tips, then I’m happy!hacks to make mom life easier 02

Here are 10 amazing hacks to make mom life easier for you:

1. Make bath time safe and multitask: 

To make bath time fun for fussy kids, try this. Make your child bathe in the laundry basket inside the tub. That way not only will the toys not float away, but they will also get washed with your baby. The baby can keep playing while you can quickly give them a bath.hacks to make mom life easier 03

2. Use a mesh garment bag for washing your children’s sock:

I’ve been doing this ever since my son was a baby. Not only do you not lose any of your kids’ socks in the washer or dryer, but it makes it easy to put their clean laundry away, too, since your socks are all together in one place and not hiding inside pants or shirts.hacks to make mom life easier 04

3. Layer two waterproof mattress pads and two fitted sheets on your child’s bed:

This is another mom hack that I saw a friend follow and found it really clever. You put a waterproof mattress pad on, then a fitted sheet, then another waterproof mattress pad, and then another fitted sheet. Why? Because this way, if your baby throws up or has a leaky diaper in the middle of the night, you can just pull off the top two layers and easily put them back to bed without having to wash the sheets immediately or put a fresh set back on. This also works for kids who are potty training!hacks to make mom life easier 05

4. Old bed sheet canvas:

Spread an old bed-sheet on the floor and let your artist kid draw, make designs and patterns on it for hours. That way you save the floor and don’t need to keep supplying papers all the time. I have used one of these bed sheets painted by my son as a play rug too.hacks to make mom life easier 06

5. Ready your clothes for next day before the night:

The morning of a mother might start in a rush! Maybe you need to feed the baby, calm It also make breakfast for your office going husband, need to take a shower and be ready for your official meeting! All jobs within a short period of time. It helps if you have the outfit for the day ready beforehand and don’t have to scramble through your cupboard to match a blouse or find the dupatta.hacks to make mom life easier 07

6. Schedule the things to do when baby down for a sleep:

You can’t guarantee how long your baby will sleep. So while the baby down for a sleep, try to cover all your undone work. Make a list of things you need to do while the baby is sleeping. The moment it sleeps start doing those stuff one by one.  That ways, you will have a ready to-do list and chances are you will accomplish quite a bit and not forget something important.hacks to make mom life easier 08

7. Muffin cup dripper:

The constant cleaning up after kids is really frustrating. It just never ends! But you can reduce the mess from ice cream this season using a muffin cup. To prevent kids messing up while having ice cream, you can insert a muffin cup through the stick. That way they can enjoy without getting sticky and you don’t need to stress over a messy floor. If the muffin cup doesn’t work, use a paper plate. Similarly to prevent juice from spilling over from a tetra pack, lift the side flap up and have the kid hold that while taking the first few sips.hacks to make mom life easier 09

8. Laundry time:

Put your dirty clothes in the washing machine before bed so your machine washes the clothes while you sleep. Everyone needs a perfect 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Put the dirty clothes in the washing machine right before bedtime so you can have that hour extra of sleep. All you need to do when you wake is to put the clothes out to dry.hacks to make mom life easier 10

9. Use veggie sauces to get your kids to eat more vegetables:

While eating whole veggies is still the best way to get your kids to eat vegetables, but only a mother knows how difficult that task can be. Over the years, I have learnt to pressure cook at least five different vegetables – gourd, beetroot, carrot, potato, peas and beans – and simply puree them into a sauce. This sauce can be used to make pasta or even gravy dishes – paneer, chicken or anything else that the child enjoys. Not only is this the perfect solution to get them to eat more vegetables, but also a cheat’s way out of lengthy dinner preps. Often I have used this sauce to make a healthy and wholesome soup or mix it with rice when I am late from work.

10. Crib utilization:

If your kids have outgrown the crib, and you don’t plan to have another child? Re-purpose that crib by turning it into an activity area and/or desk.



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