Fruit and vegetable art and craft 01

5 Fruit and vegetable art and craft activities for kids

by Ila Asthana

Expert 03Exclusively for this summer vacation fun-filled, engaging and exciting, fruit and vegetable art and craft activities for kids

It’s summer time and it is important for parents to keep the kids occupied. And ditching the technology, involving the kids with these types of art and crafts activities is a healthy and harmonious way of learning and enjoying.Fruit and vegetable art and craft 01

Presenting to you the simple and quirky, fruity and healthy art and craft activities for kids to stay entertained and creative. These simple and straightforward DIY fruit and vegetable art and craft activities need very easily accessible supplies. A beautiful way of alluring kids with the beauty and importance of fruits and vegetables.

Get your kids attracted to these fun and interesting craft activities. This weekend, spend some valuable time doing these art activities with your toddler.

1. Bubble Wrap Fruity Print:

Fun-filled idea to teach the kids about fruits and vegetables with this bubble wrap activity.

Materials Required: Fruits and vegetable shaped white cards, bubble wrap, and color paint.

Instructions: For each fruit and vegetable, color the equal space with different colors on the bubble wrap. Now press the plain cards of different fruit and vegetable shapes on the bubble wrap and get the imprint on it. The bubble wrap fruity print is ready to go.

2. Peas in a Pod:

Perfect if the kids love peas.

Materials Required: Paper plates, paint colors, stapler, green colored clay.

Instructions: Paint the back side of the paper plate with green color and allow it to dry. Once dried, fold the paper plate in half. Staple the corner of the folded edge on both the sides of the paper plate to stay intact. Once this is done, take the green colored clay and make small rounded balls that represent peas. Keep the peas inside the paper plate. This would represent the peas in a pod. Instead of clay, you can also use green color small balloons.Fruit and vegetable art and craft 02

3. Corn Husk Flowers:

Corn husks are usually thrown away. Here is a chance to reuse them for decorative purpose.

Materials Required: Corn husks, paint color and glue.

Instructions: Sun dry the corn husks and color it with your favorite color. Make the corn husk ribbons by sticking the ends of the three corn husk. Ensure you overlap them and allow them to dry it. Fold one tip of the corn husk and roll it from left to right towards the end. Take the long end towards the backward direction. Continue by wrapping the folded corn husk ribbon around the center roll. Repeat the same process. Fold the longer length backwards, then wrap around. Repeat the process and then wrap. Shape the rose nicely.Fruit and vegetable art and craft 03

4. Okra Painting:

Okra painting is one of the most common and loved activity among the kids.

Materials Required: Okra or Lady’s Finger, color paper, paint and paint brush.

Instructions: Cut the okra into medium sizes. Dip the okra pieces in the paint and print it on the color paper. Repeat the process in the same pattern as flowers and pot. With the paint brush, draw the stem of the flower. The okra painting floral art is ready to decorate the walls.Fruit and vegetable art and craft 04

5. 3D Paper Fruit:

This is unique and creative at the same time. All kids love 3D activities and we are sure they would be excited to do this as well.

Materials Required: Printable 3D fruit templates, thick craft paper, glue, scissors, markers, and crayons.

Instructions: Take the print of the templates on a thick craft paper. Once taken, color the fruit with the crayons. Cut the template and fold the fruits into half with the colored section on the inside. Score the folds to make the clear and crisp. Stick the fruit slices, one on top of the other. Once all the templates are pasted, apply glue on the last one, open up your fruit and glue the last slice to the first one. Your 3D fruit is ready.Fruit and vegetable art and craft 05




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